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  1. The agents could guess the size of the dragon to fit within a 300 m box, judging by the scale of the tower, but any further attempts to approach it with a measuring tape would result in the measurer being promptly incinerated.

    That ends my idea of sealing it in a box.

    Can I summon a large chunk of meat laced with sleeping pills? Or would the dragon just burn it to a crisp, not eating it?

    I don't think there is any way to get the dragon and soldiers fighting each other, so I'll go with my second choice.

  2. YAY!

    My hint was a reference to the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish, who has a song named Amaranth. It's actually the reason I chose "amaranth" as my word.

    Incidentally, it was originally named "Reach" and was to be sung by Marco before they found a new female singer, Annete.

    You want a go, KK?

  3. Boom!

    The Earth is just a comic that someone has drawn on a planet called Squamiglia. Even this post is just a figment of their imagination.

    I wish I could find an incredibly rich, old person almost on their deathbed, who would leave me all their money legally, because they know I wouldn't waste it on stupid and unnecessary things. Like donuts. Or presents for a girlfriend that only cares about my money (or looks)...

  4. I would like to suggest to find a way to get the army and the dragon fighting each other, though I'm not sure how to get that to happen.


    Can I summon a slab big enough to drop on and take out all the enemy soldiers? Or repeatedly do that until they're all taken care of?

    If that would work, I also have a couple ideas on how to take care of the dragon, but I need to know how large it is first...

    I'd like to hear other's thoughts on the former before deciding what to do.

  5. 9.


















    BCSA Hint: Where would you find "that there" in this?



    983273 123244 983273 27413271 326124 2743326155 271201 5543121544 276155 952711120127 2743326155 271201 27441571 1115 438111156155 55432789 951132172743 276155

    Hint: Joint Op. 2nd Hint: The last step I took was the same as the first quote.

  6. Give me reasonable proof that has been tested by others and found to be consistently true, with no holes.

    The thing is, every point of data is different. There is no "perfect" answer, only the answer that makes most sense. Some people see things in a different way than anyone else can. Some people will believe whatever crap you throw at them. Some people will decide what's true, while others will discover what's true.

    Not to get off topic, but consider this:

    "Good" and "Evil" are words humankind has created to establish dominance. In the natural world, there is no "good" or "evil", only life and death.

    This is proof of the fact that humankind is "civilized".

    Whether or not there is a "God" is not a decision that must be reached, but must be proven or disproved. However, there is not enough proof for either, so we must decide for ourselves. I believe in God not because he is not disproved, nor is he proven, but simply because I want to.

    With that off my chest, I understand the need for evidence, and the need for beliefs. Go nuts, folks.

  7. Or a human in two trillion years, where the creation of universes is the pastime of children?

    Ha ha ha! I can totally see that!

    "Daddy, can I have that 'Create a Universe' toy?"

    "Okay, but if you decide that you don't like it in a few million years, don't come crying to me."

    If the whole universe was void, then what "big banged"? How can nothingness explode into a universe?

    That was actually part of my thesis when I got out of Sunday School. Presbyterian church by the way. Actually, I haven't been since then much, but I still have my beliefs and dis-beliefs; I mean, there are things I don't believe are actually true, but I still believe in a "God".

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