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  1. Granted, you do not have to follow the rules. However, the genie king tells you that if you decide not to, he will strip you of all powers and throw you into the deepest pits of Tartarus where you shall suffer for eternity and beyond...

    I wish for enough money to live without having to work or suffer for the rest of my long (at least 60 years) and prosperous life.

  2. A smart blonde, an honest lawyer, and Santa are walking down the street when they see a $100 bill on the ground. Who got it?

    The blonde, the other two don't exist.

    What is blonde, really smart, and likes octopi?

    A Japanese girl with dyed hair.

    Why did the blonde keep crossing the road?

    Because she couldn't get to "the other side".

    How do you keep a blonde busy?

    Tell her to sit in the corner of the oval office.

    How does a blonde confuse you?

    She tells you she did it.

  3. your 'observation' is only valid if those were the only colors allowed. For all we know, there is one blue, one pink and green and 798 grey elephants.

    If there are other observable colors, my observation is still valid; it need merely be adjusted to fit the amount of colors. Unless, of course, there are at least 400 other discernible colors, then it is obviously not true.

    If there is only 1 other color, I could observe as such: 400 Blue, 200 Grey, 200 Pink and green.

    If there are 399 other colors, I could observe: 400 Blue, 1 Pink and green, 1 each of 399 other discernible colors.

    Like I said: There is no "definite" here.

  4. A man is trapped in a room and needs to figure out a 13 character password in order to escape. He has the following clues

    Exactly two of the below statements are lies.

    The password is contained within this sentence.

    The password is not in this hint.

    The password is within only one of these statements.

    At least one of the above statements is a lie.

    Note: I just found this in one of my notebooks. Forgive me if it is too easy.

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