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  1. Back from Newfoundland! It was really nice. Folks are friendly, spectacular scenery, lots of fried food. I'd recommend it to almost anyone.

  2. Going to Newfoundland, Canada tomorrow morning.

  3. Back again, don't know for how long

  4. Leslie Young returns!

  5. I'm BACK! Back in the Brain Den groove. I'm BACK! Back in the Brain Den Groove!

    1. plainglazed


      am liking the new avatar - Aerosmith fan? (from the comment, not the avatar)

  6. I got bored of nothing happening in the stuff I check regularly. I'll try again. (btw, I've been playing on Kongregate lately, I

  7. I have the power!!!!! back.

  8. Not much to do... Guess I'll be coming here for a while.

  9. Probably won't be coming back here often, if at all. Truthfully, I have for some reason lost most interest in this site. I will hand over the Detective Young series to whomever answers the following question as I would. What is the most important accomplishment one can make in life?

    1. Anon26


      Make place in someone's heart.

    2. Anon26


      And you have made place in someones brain. not right!


    3. OmegaScales


      Guess you get it then. My complete answer, too complicated to wait for someone to guess, is: to find someone who would love you no matter what, and that you would love them no matter what. You get it Anon26.

  10. First, I'm too lazy to check all your profile comments to see if anyone already asked this. Second, in the topic My Google Gadgets in Your Language, is the Slovak vs. Czech thing basically like the American English vs. British English thing? Btw, the Chuck Norris Fact Generator is my fav.

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