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  1. As one of my interests is the geography of the US, I would obviously love to do a grand tour...... Unfortunately, I am but a pauper and have not the money or the time to spend. So, with regret, I can only manage to visit 4 states before returning to blighty.

    First stop is Mississippi. Ah the Hospitality. I miss you already.

    Then to Missouri. Magnificent. Show Me more...

    Next is is America's dairyland, Wisconsin.

    Which state is my final port of call? (and why)?

  2. 1) Thankyou for the welcome.

    2) Call me slickfuzz if you wish, but be VERY CAREFUL how you pronounce it. May I call you simpleshiny or unadornedvitreouscoated ? lol.

    3) Yeah, the answer was a bit tenuous. My thinking was along the lines (eg) "the outbreak of flu spread countywide"

    Best wishes,

    slizz (<-------- and if you don't get that, I am NOT explaining it)

    whoops ........Something gone wrong here, should have been on reply. sorry

  3. hello fabpig - welcome to the den - can I call you slickfuzz? I have a different answer for this one but count yours as a valid alternative. well done.

    gonna have to say not it. looked spread up and could not find a synonomous connection to common.

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