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  1. said that you "checked out". Highly unlikely that your captors would allow you to check out alone. In which case we should ask her if you were alone. If she says yes, she's lying and part of the setup. If she says no, ask her to describe the people with you.

    In either case, doesn't the Citigate have CCTV in the foyer?

  2. glad you spotted my errm deliberate mis-spelling of Sonja. The fact that Y(ellow) has most of the vowels is because each colour is assigned a letter according to its alphebetic position (every 4th letter belongs to the same colour). The coincidence is that A E I U Y all occupy mod(4) + 1 positions.

    Which leaves us 2 questions:

    Is that the puzzle completed?

    Is there any relevance in the U in cloorsu?

  3. Seems there are four in each category and they all fall in the same group of 16, so we can work out what we're missing. Also the colour seems (usually) to correspond eg Jealousy is Green, Cowardice is Yellow. The countries flags are all predominately the colour. Liverpool play in Red, Chelsea in Blue: but Aston Villa do not play in Green, nor Swansea in Yellow?

    In group 2 I have Hyacinth Macaw (B/W) and group 4, Bunsen Honeydew (Y/Y), which should help.

    Scrub that about Preston and Bury....oops

  4. And what we have so far with replaced letters. 3 English Premier League soccer teams are there. Not sure if eht eegnr ehnorq is a typo and should be The Green Hornet


    Dam! just realised letter replaced in red sonia is I not A. I'll check for others...

    Yep. Swansea City is E not A

  5. To add to Aaryan's observations...

    Australians use the term 'lift' rather than 'elevator', and the 5th floor referred to by the receptionist would be the 6th to a USAn.

    So perhaps the receptionist is a plant (maybe a convolvulus or cowslip)

  6. eegnr eegnr agrss fo egmo

    is "green green grass of home"

    but again with the last g replacing the h

    and again the first letter of the "phrase" replaces another...

    but not all of the clues have a double letter in them

  7. yep, I think Pickett's got the starting point... the 1 that hit me immediately was "eht eeeggnorsu ceefft" which is "the greenhouse effect" BUT with 1 extra "g" and no "h"

    and "COOLRSU" is an anagram of the UK way of spelling "colours".

    Oh, yeah, and the anagrams are in alphabetical order (but you knew that anyway. )

  8. The only thing wrong with the picture is the keystone.

    It's quite possible for there to be clouds on the horizon but blue sky above (as I look out my window...)

    There do appear to be shadows: the shadow on the fencing to the right would suggest an object (tree?) off-picture to the right and this side of the bridge. In which case the bridge itself would cast a shadow on the water (as the attached)

    The torso/leg ratio could look unusual because of the length of the man's jacket/coat.


  9. 1) Why are "links" golf courses so called

    Is it because they are all owned by the same organization?

    2) If the temperature is described as (eg) 82F in Winston-Salem, NC, or 28C London, how is that figure arrived at?

    Someone beat me to thermometer, so... does it have anything to do with elevation?

    3) Why do gentlemen prefer blondes?

    Subconsciously, yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness so blondes are perceived to be happier or "more fun".

    No to 1), BG

    2) Sort of...ish...

    on your definition of "elevation". I always think of elevation as height above sea-level. Sea-level isn't pertinent in temperature measurement...

    But that's only part of the answer.

    3) Whereas you are probably right, my answer is much for facetious!

    I always heard that they're called "links" because it's the land between (aka, linking) the ocean and farm land...

    Traditionally, this was the best type of soil for golf courses (loose, sandy soil)...but not good for farming.

    Ding ding ding!

    The man from the home of the R&A has the answer to 1) pretty much word-for-word. Nicely done, Pickett.

  10. I know nothing about golf. Absolutely nothing. So I looked up what a links course actually is, and I have an idea.

    Is it because they run in sort of a circle, or an unbroken chain of holes. Hence the name links. As in, each hole is a link.

    That's a nice thought, doubleK, and most links courses probably do have that characteristic (but then so do other "non-links" courses). Sadly, not the reason they have the name

    Because he needs time off from being the hero in every Zelda game.

    Are you suggesting he should play around?

    I spotted a typo above...

    .... And my answer is probably for flippant. ^_^

    should read "And my answer is probably FAR MORE flippant."

    Seems the brain was overtaking the typing finger and I was inadvertantly omitting letters/syllables by the time I got near to the end of the sence.

  11. Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Bonanova...

    No to 1).

    2) I gave a bad example in that 28C and 82F are pretty well the same temperature. I was actually after the how/where the temperature is recorded.

    I find that

    +40 * 5/9 -40

    +40 * 9/5 -40

    easier to remember, and works because -40C and -40F are the same temp.

    3) So did I :rolleyes: . And my answer is probably for flippant. ^_^

  12. Hi Guys,

    Phil Mickelson's triumph over the "links" course at Muirfield (great golfer, classy man), brought to mind a Sunday afternoon some years back when I was working as a taxi driver. I was listening to the local radio station phone in (which was also keeping abreast with the Open) and listeners were invited to send in their questions. 3 of the questions were:

    1) Why are "links" golf courses so called

    2) If the temperature is described as (eg) 82F in Winston-Salem, NC, or 28C London, how is that figure arrived at?

    3) Why do gentlemen prefer blondes?

    Now I'm fairly sure it's easy enough to google these, so please use spoilers.

    O, and Hi again

  13. I think you're wide of the mark with your last post, Li, but I'm so glad that you had the balls to mention what's happened. I'm guilty of non-attendance for the last few months, partly for personal reasons, but mainly because the "spark" (or whatever it was we had) is missing. T_L, MoMa, Cubie, yourself and myself all went missing/quiet at around the same time. Even PG seems to have been quiet for a while. It just became sorta humourless - and that's a big shame because I loved the banter (even if most of it was off-topic) especially the Yankee-bating. There. That should evoke some reaction. fabpig@live.co.uk if you want to.

    Oh, And has anybody heard from the boy MoMa?

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