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  1. I don't get that bit, but

    BLANK ( how 'bout.......die? )

    fits the rest

    thanks for the pig back fab ;-)

    Glad to be of assistance.

    But what the hell was I thinking?

    Temporary solution:

    1) Find wall

    2) Locate own head.

    3) Project own head at wall

    4) Try not to miss

    5) Repeat several times until feeling better.

  2. Manipur is actually part of India. If you take the clue literally, the only country "between" India and Thailand is Burma, or Myanmar as it became in 1989. If it's a town or city, the only one I can find that fits the bill is Kyaikto.

    Of course it could be "between" Thailand and India in the Andaman Sea or the Bay of Bengal. But I don't see anything that fits.

  3. perhaps the ABCDEFG each correspond to a day of the week. So the numbers over months with 31 days could be the days of the week of the 31st's. huh???

    If A = Sun thru G = Sat

    for 2013

    Jan = E

    Mar = A

    May = F

    Jul = D

    Aug = G

    Oct = E

    Dec = C

    Yeah. Nice.

    BTW didn't use "code" this time - line spacing looks a bit off.

  4. America is the "land of the free", so... Somewhere in the US

    seems reasonable to me... taking it a stage further, the timetable for flights from Tullamarine to the US ( 19/20 Aug 13) are LA direct, Chicago via Hong Kong, and Honolulu via Sydney. So I'm guessin LA.

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