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  1. Place the pawns from the column H to C3, G3 and G7.

    Jumps: E3 - C1 - A3 - C5 - A7 - F2 - H4 - E7 - B4 - D2 - H6 - F8

    I googled this variant. It's called "Flying Kings" and it appears it only exists in international games (which are played on a 10x10 board) and certain "in house" rules. The one thing that seems common is that the King is only allowed to jump over 1 piece at a time (although it can continue in any diagonal direction once it's landed on a vacant square). i.e. it can't jump over 2 or more pieces that have no vacant square between them. Hope that clarifies

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  2. the only way this could work would be if the 3 pieces on file 8 can be moved to replace pieces after they have been captured.

    Using chessboard notation, Red Queen moves

    G1 - E3 (captures F2), E3 - G5 (F4), G5 - E7 (F6), E7 - C5 (D6)

    the 3 pieces on "H" are now moved to F4, F6, D6 and the queen reverses:

    C5 - E7 (D6), E7 - G5 (F6), G5 - E3 (F4), E3 - C1 (D2), C1 - A3 (B2), A3 - C5 (B4), C5 - A7 (B6).

    Think that works. I don't see a solution that will work for the squares unoccupied at the start...

    Aaaagh! Just spotted a mistake. But I think the method is more or less right.

  3. I'm assuming a data-entry keyboard - but there are different versions. I also recall talking to an American colleague about keyboard layouts and we reached an impasse about the "pound" sign. After a couple of hours we discovered that by "pound sign", I meant this - £, and he meant this - #

  4. a lot of the words are synonyms or different names for the same symbol (or perhaps translations US - UK) eg "and" "epershand" ; "raised to" "power" "circumflex" ; "hash" "number" "sharp"; "libra" "pound".

    And all can be found on a keyboard. Is it important which keyboard layout is used?

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