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  1. Hey thanks, t_l. Really appreciate that!

  2. That nearly went unnoticed. Happy Birthday. If it's any consolation, I'm nearer to 30 than 20, too.

  3. happy birthday, young fella!

  4. Yeah you're right....another 1 already. Thanks for the greetings! This year life should have a bit of... urm... variety

  5. fabpig

    Hi EDM. It's an honour to be your friend. Thankyou! Still getting used to how things work in BD. Which is why this reply is so late. (couldn't work out how to do it - I should be in BrainDense)

  6. fabpig

    Hey EDM.... I posted my first puzzle. You'll have missed it if you blinked.....already solved! I'm having difficulty marking it as solved... what appears on the screen does not coincide with what it says on the "Board Guidelines". Could you be of help, please? Thanks in advance

  7. fabpig

    Heyheyhey happy birthday! Go easy on the WKDs.

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