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  1. Happy birthday Molly!

  2. Happy birthday Cavenglok!

  3. Yes. Although if you are asking about my username, Thalia is the name of a muse in Greek mythology. :)

  4. More specifically of comedy and poetry. Although the miracle known as the world wide web informs me that Thalia is also a grace, a Nereid, and a nymph. However, I have been told that I am too serious so lets stick with muse of comedy. Something I could use more of. . . ;)

  5. Hmm. It appears that brainden.com has a loose definition of "personal conversation." Oh well. I've always found mythology interesting. Greek in particular but Roman, Egyptian, and sometimes Chinese and Native American as well.

  6. Thanks. :) I don't remember what got me interested but I've never gotten tired of it. I have a feeling that most people would think of the character in Percy Jackson and have no idea that Thalia is a figure from actual mythology. It has just now occurred to me that Riordan might have gotten the name from the grace.

  7. Nothing to see here. . .

  8. Happy birthday Aki!

  9. Happy birthday Aaryan!

  10. Err. I have no clue about that one, TC.

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