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  1. Nothing to see here. . .

  2. Happy birthday Cavenglok!

  3. Happy birthday Molly!

  4. Happy birthday Aaryan!

  5. Happy birthday Aki!

  6. Err. I have no clue about that one, TC.

  7. Thanks. :) I don't remember what got me interested but I've never gotten tired of it. I have a feeling that most people would think of the character in Percy Jackson and have no idea that Thalia is a figure from actual mythology. It has just now occurred to me that Riordan might have gotten the name from the grace.

  8. Hmm. It appears that brainden.com has a loose definition of "personal conversation." Oh well. I've always found mythology interesting. Greek in particular but Roman, Egyptian, and sometimes Chinese and Native American as well.

  9. More specifically of comedy and poetry. Although the miracle known as the world wide web informs me that Thalia is also a grace, a Nereid, and a nymph. However, I have been told that I am too serious so lets stick with muse of comedy. Something I could use more of. . . ;)

  10. Yes. Although if you are asking about my username, Thalia is the name of a muse in Greek mythology. :)

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