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  1. 4 Seasons in a Year =  4 Sides on a Square  =  4 F. on M.R.
    6 Feet in a Fathom  =  6 P. on a P.T.  =  6 O. in a B.I.
    8 Arms on an Octopus = 8 K.H. of E. = 8 Pints in a Gallon
    10 P. in a B.A. = 10 Years in a Decade  = 10 Little Indians
    12 Inches in a Foot   =   12 Signs of the Zodiac    =  12 F. on a D.

  2. 1. 3 colors so 4 balls?
    2. 99
    4. 3 sons, 4 daughters
    5. Feel like I'm missing something but going to say 9th?
    6. Assuming you can't tape pieces together, just over 9 so 10 tapes. 
    8. 3 men, 3 women, 13 children. 
    9. 6
    10. Push the cork into the bottle. 
    12. 10 minutes. 
    13. $20

    A suggestion: Personally, I prefer reading stuff when the title isn't all caps/ screaming in my face. 

  3. 4 hours ago, rocdocmac said:

    Thank you Time-LSF! Good one, but ...

    Apology for raising this, but there is only one "double 0" and one "double 6" combination directly adjacent next to each other in the grid, although the total of 56 (7x8) matches twice the number of 28 domino pieces in a normal set! The  "double 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5" are fine.


    I'm not quite sure what you are saying. A domino consists of 2 squares. So while there are 56 squares, there's only 28 dominoes. So for example, A2 and A3 together are a single domino. 


    TSLF- Do you want them arranged in an 8x7 grid like the picture? That would mean some rows and columns would contain more than one of a number. Is that correct?

  4. "5) The Chilean, who is not next door but one to the Belgian"

    I had the opposite understanding

    If the Chilean were pitch 5, the Belgian could not be pitches 4 or 6 because those would be next door. The Belgian could be 3 or 7 if that was meant to read one to the right/left of the Belgian.

  5. 14 hours ago, rocdocmac said:

    Found three solutions ...

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    I've interpreted clue 7 to mean the American found more than the Englishman. Do you have an alternative interpretation? That would contradict your 2nd and 3rd solutions.  If you swap Spain and Belgium, Marie no longer finds twice as many as the Spaniard. Your first might be the one! The only thing that would make it incorrect is whatever the intention was on the Belgium clue...

  6. 2 hours ago, plasmid said:

    I'm coming up with an almost complete solution, but I have ambiguity on who prefers letterbox or virtual caches, which I think could belong to either of two people.

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    You have Marie as finding 16. Clue 6 says 16 were found by a man. I assume Marie is a woman. Only time the clues seem to specify man or woman... This appears to be unsolvable with that constraint though...

  7. 20 hours ago, st3v3n80 said:

    3) Heidi prefers mystery caches. She found more caches than Hugo, who found more than Frank. Heidi found more than Hugo. Hugo found more than Frank?

    4) Brigitte is German. Her tent is two places left of Frank’s, who isn’t at the end of the row, and somewhere right of – but not adjacent to – the UK cacher. Frank's tent isn't at the end of the row meaning tent 7? 1 and 7? Brigitte's tent, not Frank's, is somewhere to the right of the UK cacher? "Two places left" implies that if Frank was in tent 6, Brigitte would be in tent 4. Assuming your next clue was intended to read one tent to the left or right of the Belgian, this would not make sense as one away apparently does not mean next door? If Frank was in tent 6, would Brigitte be in tent 3?

    5) The Chilean, who is not next door but one to the Belgian, is further right than Stanley. Pitch one much prefers earth caches. If the Chilean was in tent 5, where would the Belgian be? Not in tent 4 or 6 as that is next door. So 3 or 7?

    7) Heidi is immediately right of the person who has flown over from the States, and who found more caches than the UK cacher. 40 Traditional cache where found by a European cacher, their favourite type. Heidi is to the right of the American. The American found more caches than the UK cacher?