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  1. Forum Taboo

    The one I have and the ones I've seen are mainly wood. Probably some metal ones out there though.
  2. Forum Taboo

    Yes. Not of the electronic variety.
  3. The Adventure

  4. Forum Taboo

    The one I have is brown and black. Probably some gray ones out there. The kiddie ones are brown and yellow and blue and red and. . .
  5. Forum Taboo

    I don't have a ruler but looking at a sheet of paper. . . I'm going to guess mine is about 10 by 4 inches. The ones that are used are probably all somewhere around that size. I've seen much bigger ones but a lot of those if not all are more for little kids who have no clue what it is or what it's used for.
  6. Forum Taboo

    It is not seen on the average day nor is it part of another thing. So it is the entirety of something.
  7. Forum Taboo

    You say that like there were some dirty implications. . . How could you think that? My point was that anyone here should have (I'm assuming you're all at least 12, or a really smart elementary school kid). It is tangible.
  8. Forum Taboo

    lol. It's a noun. As for that other response, I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard of it/didn't know what it was. Shouldn't require extensive Googling.
  9. Forum Taboo

    I think everyone I knew when I was in 5th grade had at least heard of it. So I guess it would be.
  10. Forum Taboo

    Sure. Got one. Fire away!
  11. Forum Taboo

    Lunulae? (mine are near non existent. )
  12. Human origin" according to my own theory"

    Kestrel, any relationship takes time. No one goes from meeting their boyfriend/girlfriend to having a strong relationship over night. As for the French, thank God for Google translate. BMAD, I tend to lean towards believing there is no sentient alien life. Wouldn't say that I'm completely sure of that.
  13. Forum Taboo

    "ones" Around how many do people usually have? Or is it all over?
  14. Forum Taboo

    Does everyone have it/them on all four limbs?
  15. What Am I?

    A lamp?
  16. Forum Taboo

    Is it on a particular part of the body? (Arm, leg, head, etc.) if so, which one?
  17. Human origin" according to my own theory"

    One of my teachers has suggested that faith/being religious is genetic. Not faith in a specific religion but in general. I don't know that much about genetics so I have no clue whether that's true or not. I wouldn't say questioning what you believe is a bad thing. Sometimes, what you find in the end just makes your faith stronger. Having faith doesn't mean you don't question it and never have/will. You may not come to the same conclusion that I did but at least you're thinking. If you never questioned or thought about your beliefs at some point, I'd be a little concerned. . .
  18. Easy Peasy

    I see. . .
  19. unsolved - It's time to solve!

  20. Human origin" according to my own theory"

    I don't expect you to believe in God just because I do. That's just the reason I believe in God instead of Allah, Zeus, etc. Something to think about though: you were talking about things being explained by science. Maybe you can explain everything by science. But what makes science work together the way it does? There are all these scientific laws/rules/etc. But they all work together just right so that we exist. Let's say you believe the Big Bang Theory (not saying I don't). There's a giant explosion that creates the universe and everything ends up where it is now. Earth isn't too close to the sun that we burn up or so far that we freeze. The atmosphere is just what we need to breathe. Gravity hasn't crushed us. If you believe in evolution, the first organism/cell/whatever found just the right environment it needed to survive. Then you've got all the "random" mutations it takes to get to us. So you could say that we're having this discussion because all these "random" events and mutations happened by chance. But that is a h*** of a lot of random events/mutations that worked out exactly the way they needed to lead to us. That doesn't prove that God exists. However, I find it difficult to believe that there isn't something out there driving all of that. Maybe you still believe there's no god/creator/being behind our existence. Your choice. I won't try to force God/my beliefs down your throat.
  21. Forum Taboo

    So tiny. . . Is it usually seen outdoors or indoors?
  22. Challenging Riddles

    We don't all see posts the moment they're posted. So don't worry if it takes more than 3 minutes to get a response.
  23. Guess the Riddle

    This riddle has already been posted (and solved) recently. In the exact same form. Please check to make sure your riddle hasn't been posted before posting.
  24. Forum Taboo

    How big (or small) is it?
  25. Human origin" according to my own theory"

    Personally, the original reason I believed in God is that an adult told me he existed when I was little and, being little, I took their word. But over time, I've listened to people talk about their experiences with God and seen it with others. I think I've seen Him get me through a lot of stuff the past few years that I don't think I'd have been able to make it through alone. You could say that I got through them because I worked hard, or just because believing in a higher power has some effect psychologically, or that there were coincidences involved, but when I put it all together, those reasons just don't work for me. But if I had to give just one reason that I believe God is real, it would be that He told me so. Audibly.