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  1. Windows 10 -- Do you love it?

    I like it better than 8. Idk about better than 7 though.
  2. What am i ?

  3. Too sensitive ?

  4. Not a friend

  5. Font

    Clue 32
  6. I'm not a pirate

    Two guesses
  7. I'm not a pirate

    Not too hopeful about this one but
  8. Font

    The title made so much more sense after I started seeing it. EDIT 1: o_0 You got the letters without the clues? EDIT2: Ah. I see it now.
  9. Font

    Hmm. 32 clues but only 30 letters. . . Thanks pg.
  10. Font

    Can you confirm the number of blanks? Your OP and later post don't match.
  11. Font

  12. New on Brainden.com

    Pft. Just noticed part of the text didn't show up. I was referring to the word spoiler in brackets. It has come to my attention that the spoiler button has returned and moved to the far left of the toolbar (the eye). Not sure if that was there when I typed the last post. Anyway, that's what you should be looking for.
  13. Foreign Speakers

    Lol. Much better than what I thought you were going for. Don't think I've seen one of those before.
  14. Foreign Speakers

    Spoiler for Patagonia: Chile paste? Spoiler for Arabian: Kuwaiti groom/waiting room? Spoiler for Byzantine: Turkey wrench? Not monkeys but thought I'd throw it out there.
  15. Foreign Speakers

    Wow. . . I feel so stupid now. . . Since spoilers aren't back yet, I'll put it in white text Spoiler for Andalusian: I've been trying to think of mountain names without bothering to start them with the word mount. Mount RushMoor
  16. New on Brainden.com

    Hi there! Welcome to BD! If you are talking about the way that looks something like etc, the site has been through a few updates since then. As far as I know, there is no longer a manual way. The site went through some maintenance the other day and the spoiler button seems to have gotten lost for the moment. It will probably be back in a while. I've seen white text used as an alternative. So that's an option. Just make sure you let us know something is there. Welcome again and hope you enjoy it here.
  17. I'm not a pirate

    Trying to remember if your riddles have actual things for answers or if they're sometimes actions or other. Are you
  18. Foreign Speakers

    Andalusian Patagonia
  19. Foreign Speakers

    West Indies
  20. Foreign Speakers

    Byzantine (barely?)
  21. Foreign Speakers

  22. Foreign Speakers

    @plasmid - lol. Keep forgetting these may not sound exactly like the phrase. Especially when it's the first letter that's different. Thanks for the reminder. Arabian spousal reception EDIT: Whoa. BD has tagging now?