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  1. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Anyone having any luck? I keep running into contradictions and I can't tell whether or not it's just me. . .
  2. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Assuming buddyboy did the same thing as me, he's got a spreadsheet with 20 something variables. No way you're going to fit that all on the screen at a readable size.
  3. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Reading through your answers to bonanova. To clarify, you use the 5th house to mean 5th from the left at times. But in 113, above the 5th house means above #5? Don't see an answer to 201 and not understanding the one to 217. Can you clarify?
  4. Mega Einstein Riddle

    No worries. I think I've got my spreadsheet straightened out. I hope. . . Most of the difficulty right now is in the size. Won't know just how difficult until the end. The last time I made a board game was 6th grade and it turned out pretty weird. . . I'll leave the board game development to you and maybe bononova. Couple questions 9. The Aston Martin is parked at the house next to the magenta car - The magenta car is parked at a house. The Aston Martin is next door? 66. The cyan car is parked next to the plumber's house - the cyan car is at the plumber's house or parked at the house next door to the plumber?
  5. Mega Einstein Riddle

    ... Oh God. I had DIY as an occupation and an anemone as a pet... @bonanova I'm still working on it. Wish I had a bigger screen to view my 305 by KS spreadsheet though. XD
  6. Mega Einstein Riddle

    ...Well, there goes my spreadsheet. Also, when you say one house is to the right or left of another, I assume you mean right and left as shown in the diagram, not from the point of view of someone standing in the street?
  7. Mega Einstein Riddle

    A question
  8. 4 x 4 square table

    I started with making a 4x4 using the factor distribution numbers DejMar mentioned. After a combination of the above and a lot of guessing. . .
  9. Ex-gifted trying to get smart again

    Hi larali, welcome to the den! The site crashed a while back and a lot of us either aren't active anymore or as active as we used to be. Not as many responses in this section as there used to be. On the bright side though, new people like you! Don't let school grades make you think you're not smart. "Smart" isn't all about school grades. Sounds like you've had some challenges others haven't had to deal with. That just makes any achievements that much more impressive. Anyway, hope you enjoy it here.
  10. What are these?

    @bonanova The numbers
  11. Foreign Speakers

    @Tylerj21 "Arabian spousal (or just spouse) reception" and "An attractive East African"
  12. Foreign Speakers

    In one of the previous posts, you said "My "spouse" is either he or she." How does that work? . . .
  13. Foreign Speakers

    Bumping the thread since it's almost off the first page of threads. Still don't have an answer but a summary of hints for anyone trying: Arabian Spouse Reception Hmm. . .
  14. The answer , my friend ....

    Leaves, from the title That's about the only song I know by him. Maybe one other.
  15. Windows 10 -- Do you love it?

    I like it better than 8. Idk about better than 7 though.
  16. What am i ?

  17. Too sensitive ?

  18. Not a friend

  19. Font

    Clue 32
  20. I'm not a pirate

    Two guesses
  21. I'm not a pirate

    Not too hopeful about this one but