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    Asinghal, regretfully, I cannot read your language. I tried a translator and it seems to be Indonesian but I can't understand it. Can you type in English?
  2. Thalia

    What are the next 6 numbers in the following sequence?: 3, 3, 4, 3, 3, 6, 7, 9, 9, 11, 6, 9, 5, 8, 8, 8, 10, 5, 8 Don't know how easy or difficult this is but don't give yourself a headache.
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    Oops. Not mixed up. Missing letter. Either way, that might be a bit too time consuming to encode and decode everything.
  5. Hmm. It appears that brainden.com has a loose definition of "personal conversation." Oh well. I've always found mythology interesting. Greek in particular but Roman, Egyptian, and sometimes Chinese and Native American as well.

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    I think you may have mixed up the last two characters in your message. That might be fun for a while but it might start to drive people crazy.
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    Three on a Match II

  8. Thalia

    Three on a Match II

    My answers are starting to make less sense to me as I go. Going off your remark about being edible. . .
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    Three on a Match II

    I think this works for spread and glass. Doubtful about the first part though.
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    Three on a Match II

    Last update is in post #69.
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    Does this make sense?
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    Exactly! I'm glad you explained it because mine probably would have been longer and not quite so clear.
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    The comical part of the riddle makes me think of
  14. Thalia

    Attempting to post "solved by." . . . and failing.
  15. Thalia

    Correct! Do you want to explain or should I do it?
  16. Thalia

    I know. It's still not it. Yes! Do you have the other 3 numbers and would you like to explain?
  17. Thalia

    Sorry, not it. But thanks for trying.
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    This one is missing Brazil, Fiji, and Guatemala
  20. Thalia

    I'm missing Brazil, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Malta, and Uganda.
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    What is WAI?
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    I think I already do that to some degree but I actually do mean it when I say it's hot or cold.
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    Three on a Match II

    Oh! That makes sense. Didn't know they could be homophones. Here goes. . .