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  1. I tried entering a number on a whim to see what would happen. It seems to have taken it. Is it normal to get an error message if you type the wrong answer?
  2. Attractive East African - 4 years in the making...
  3. Bump An attractive East African
  4. They're out of sight but can they hear each other?
  5. With the previous assumption about the meaning of between.
  6. That doesn't give any information about the team. The order could be Taylor, Miller, Brown, Gerson Jenkins, Adams, Babcock, Carver, Randolph, Smith, Flynn, Sawyer, Timmons, Myers, Lucas, Morton, Peters, Young. The first 9 could be Cons and they still wouldn't call their initials.
  7. A couple assumptions: "We didn't all break 100." includes the possibility that no one did. "Bill placed between Ed and Jim" means directly between.
  8. Does the circle alternate between teams? If so...
  9. I've always struggled with this kind of probability but...
  10. I see... I have a tendency to switch numbers in my head. All the right digits were there!
  11. Perhaps coincidence
  12. Well, I seem to have done some weird math when adding equilateral. New result including equilateral: I think rocdocmac and I agree on the figure including equilateral now but we seem to have diverged on the other figure...
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