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  1. This article showed how ridiculous congress, especially the senate, are. These people are worried about the success of their parties more than the success of America. The fact that the democrats even denied some of the things they wanted because the republicans suggested it, and supposedly vice versa... it's unbelievable. Political parties must go. They're bothersome, and do more harm than good. It wouldn't hurt to have people do some research. maybe we can start to regain our place amongst the world's smartest nations.
  2. It was night at the museum =) When you find your true love, you will both embrace and have a dramatic kiss in the rain.
  3. Yeah, that's what I meant. See, I consider myself a liberal, not a democrat. I don't think that we need political parties. It would be better if we just determined things and voted for based based on political ideals and beliefs.
  4. Yeah, I took a political quiz, and it said I was a 'moderate liberterian liberal.' So, yeah. =) Um...What do we do about congress? We've already discussed why it needs improvement, but what do we do to improve it? (I say either a) eliminate it or b) Eliminate political parties, which would eliminate the problems Obama is having.)
  5. Don't trust monkeys. They steal your keys! (What was that from?)
  6. I guess... I just feel like there's somethings that should be limited by country... um... Let me think a bit... Never mind. The thing is though, there has to be smaller governing bodies that cover smaller groups of people. If the people affect there government directly (to a point) they'll follow it. Kind of like the story of Moses where he splits up the Israelites into groups. Worked for him.
  7. Well, wouldn't it be better if there was a single big governing body, which sets a certain group of general laws (no killing, etc.) but then each country has its own laws for things like taxes. Hmmmm????
  8. That seems like a good idea, now that you've explained it.
  9. All action movies have at least one explosion =) (At least the one's I've seen)
  10. Globalization... Still not sure. Tell me why you think it's necessary.
  11. Well... I dunno about that. If they can take care of them, it's fine to have a lot.
  12. Sounds good. Dog fighting also has to go.
  13. .... such as animal rights, car laws (like cell phones)... something.
  14. I have to say UtF that that was one epic ending. =) I would give it up depending on how much into the future we are talking about. Say it was my kid's or my kid's kid's generations... then yes. Any later and it et a bit tough. By the way, I hope you realize that I just wanted this particular argument done; we've argued it to death and are going to start repeating soon. If someone thinks of something else, we can continue.
  15. gvg

    Love this one How many blondes does it take to screw in a light bulb? I made it up, so...
  16. gvg

    NOOOOOOOWWWWW I get it. =)
  17. gvg

    I love number 2. =)
  18. ...Of course, I want to add on to this. I don't agree with it, it's just a statement. I don't support communism, I'm not that extreme. Socialism still has capitalist traits (Free markets, etc.) , just more regulated.
  19. OK, this isn't really an actual job. I 'work' with horses (figure it out =)) at my neighbors house for less than minimum wage. It's not really an actual job. I mean a job you need papers for, that you need some sort of training. Digging holes isn't affected by the government, and you can go ahead and not pay them minimum wage. (Construction crews are different, of course. Their job needs training.) Obviously, we are getting no where with this. Let's try to go back to what this post was supposed to be, and end this argument. Really the only way any of us can figure out what works is to try. The closing statement that UtF can't get over (=)): "There are only two guarantee in the world: Death and taxes."
  20. Yes. Everyone deserves at least minimum wage. Name one job that isn't worth it, and explain why. You said it yourself. The masses are too stupid to figure out what's fair and many times, as i said in my last post, don't care if they aren't effected.
  21. I see your point. The thing is, basically every single corporation America is doing something evil, like child labor in other countries, to get ahead. Thus, we would have to stay away from almost all of them, leaving only small businesses, which might not have enough jobs for everyone. Thus, an unfortunate group will be stuck with dealing with the lesser of evils. What is going to protect them? And what about those who can't leave because they aren't qualified for anything else at the moment? That isn't only the uneducated, I'm talking about the teenage workers just getting into the business world. And many people outside of the company wouldn't really care, as long as they got the product. For example, a group of rich people, or middle class, or whatever, outside of that particular business, will buy the product anyway. You think that a majority of Americans would stop buying McDonald's because of some sort of strike? It's unskilled labor, so the old workers would soon be replaced by other people who needed the money and/or didn't know about the previous mistreatments (at this point the leader of the corporation would have given this group what the last group had wanted to avoid another mass quiting), and life would go on for the company. The guy would still get rich in an unfair way. Also, mistreating you means that the boss knows that you can be replaced easily, otherwise he'd be more afraid. That's why it's harder to mistreat people in a profession in the sciences or whatnot: These people have trained, and are thus very valuable. And notice: what corporation is based around a science (that isn't BS)? Exactly. I have no problem with all rich, that's not what I meant by 'group.' I have a problem with the rich who get what they have through unfair ways. I'm not for the poor, only those that work hard and try to do something with their lives. I'm for hard work. In my eyes, if you work hard, you deserve more money. That's why I'm for big government: it helps those who work hard, and while there will be an occasional freeloader, 'evil' rich man or whatnot getting through, that will happen in every government system (well, except communism, but that's another monster). And this is probably random, but I'm pretty sure that you're ideas are liberal, just in a different direction then mine. (Liberal means change. I want change towards the big government spectrum, you want change towards the small government spectrum). I could be wrong though.
  22. I live in the US (the easetrn half specifically), as you do. And I know that the motto for US capitalism is: THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS. Does this seem particularly generous to you? Lower classes work, and most of the money goes to a select few. Something like 2% of the pop. has 85% of the wealth. And what do they do? Make sure that they get more money. Humans are naturally greedy and selfish unless taught otherwise. Natural instinct tells us to watch out for ourselves, and unless TAUGHT otherwise, that's what we do. Those in power use it to their advantage. Many (not all, but many) are ruthless in doing so. Plus, humans are stupid. Period. They make major mistakes all the time. Housing crisis, economic collapse. And don't get me started on the crash of '29. We need a strong force to guide us, and that force needs money to sustain it. And that's another thing: If you want a government of some sort, it needs money. Where will this money come from without taxes? And if you say no government, no taxes, people will be generous enough, who will sort out the money to where it needs to go? Who will stop people from taking what they think is theirs? What about the scammers? I have no grudge against the rich personally, just as a group. I know some snobby, rich 'I'm better than you' types, I know some who understand that they are rich but are nice and non-abusive, and I know some people who hate that they are rich, and hate being judged based on their wealth. If people are as generous as you say, the they will have no problem giving up their taxes to help their fellow man. Would it make you feel better if for each 1.5% a person or family donates, their taxes go down 1%? Through this, those taxes you hate can be eliminated. The rich can decide to go the way of the charity (which by the way helps more freeloaders than taxes, universal health care and the like do).
  23. gvg

    I read the whole thing. The story was interesting, and I forgot it was a joke until I saw the punchline. Pretty funny though =)
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