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  1. Distraut Bought
  2. Sherlock Holmes Mafia

    Finally, it has begun!
  3. Many breakfasts ago, the dentist used his pineapple to fly the British coin to Atlantis but only made the purple cry. The pit bull ended up brawling with the chimichanga and the newspaper went to his unicorn. Unfortunately the roller coaster only had two keys that started tickling him. The scissors then scolded that pears weren't invented then. In the end, the football cartwheeled over the left shoe.
  4. Scoot Shoot Toot
  5. I hope I'm a baddie this time. In all of the Mafia's I've been in, I've never been a baddie.
  6. Rollo

  7. Minute (as in small)
  8. Could I have Maine?
  9. Rollo

  10. Hosts: MissKitten and Prince_Marth85 1. 2. EDM.... 3. maurice 4. 5. 6. Vipe195 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Lucky 6. YAY! I love Sherlock Holmes.
  11. I believe the first two letters are... Abort B5 Thanks for the tip araver.
  12. Can you add two letters? If so... RESTRAINTS
  13. Rollo

    Tense If 0 first letter is S since the only letter changed from sense to tense is the T.
  14. MaFBIa

    Hosts: NickFleming and EDM 3. MissKitten 5. Vipe195 - Voting for Molly Mae 6. Izzy is voting for Vine 7. Molly 8. DD - Voting for Molly Mae 9. Vineetrika - Voting for Vipe195 10.Glycereine - Voting for Molly Mae Sorry I couldn't get on since BD was down. As for a defense I have already hinted at my role early in the game and I have people who can support me.
  15. MaFBIa

    Hosts: NickFleming and EDM 1. maurice - Voting for Araver 3. MissKitten 4. Araver - Voting for Vipe195 5. Vipe195 - Voting for Maurice 6. Izzy is voting for Maurice 7. Molly - voting for MissKitten 8. DD - Voting for Maurice 9. Vineetrika - Voting for Araver 10. Glycereine - Voting for Maurice 11. Marq-Voting for Izzy 13. onetruth is voting for Maurice @Vine- Wow I almost forgot she was targeted for a kill. Thanks for pointing that out Vine. While Araver is voting for me, I think maurice is acting more suspicious the Araver.