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  1. What color was the bear?

    Bout time . . . Huggy Bear was the "black" pimp who sold "dope" about the bad guys to the cops. Thanks DD, you finally laid what I thought was an easy one to rest. And I'm impatient about when the spoilers will be fixed. Oh well.
  2. What color was the bear?

    Dang! Hasn't anyone watched 1970s TV?
  3. It's the Letter Game

    Different only according to a graph. I saw it as a Red Heriing.
  4. Riddle of Division

    EDM gets it (close enough)
  5. Riddle of Division

    Good try Plasmid but not it. A little more in line with the actual answer, I'll give you that.
  6. Riddle of Division

    Nothing yet. Not punctuation or abstract stuff. Actual "thing."
  7. Riddle of Division

  8. What color was the bear?

    You are, sorry to say : ) Try again
  9. Riddle of Division

  10. Riddle of Division

    Interesting answer Plasmid. Not it though.
  11. What color was the bear?

  12. Foreign Exchange

  13. What color was the bear?

    Oh! Good answer Molly. Not it I'm afraid. The actual answer clarifies the whole riddle more effectively. Sorry PG. Not it.
  14. It's the Letter Game

  15. Do you know me?