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  1. I'm afraid I am currently on holiday, with limited access to the internet. I didn't mention already because my hotel is supposed to have internet, however it's not working and I'm currently sitting in the local pub typing this :P

    I think i'm gonna have to sit the next round out, cause I really need my computer at home to keep track of stuff :( I'll be back for round 3 though :D

    Oh, and if I forget to do something I said I would (PMs and such), sorry :(

    Mind helping me out then? :D

  2. Liar Game BD First Round Roster:

    1. Panther
    2. Brainy
    3. Phil1882
    4. MollyMae
    5. Framm




    I love Liar Game. :D

    Also how many rounds do you have planned?

    (i.e. Up to Bid Poker or more?)

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