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  1. Trying to call some people back/over. I'm going to sit this one out though.
  2. Misread Ant queen powers. Sorry.
  3. I am going to be gone pretty much all day as a heads up.
  4. I am with Araver at the moment, I think I would rather find Nefer today than the ant queen as she is more of a threat N1. If I read roles correctly Ant Queen's powers grow through the nights so we need her gone soon as well. Change my vote to Phil please.
  5. Add my vote to Araver please? Random at the moment.
  6. Here
  7. Um...I think you're probably misreading Neferpitou's RD...she has two abilities that she can choose from. I probably should have chosen a less subtle shade of green lol. Sad thing is, is I think I read it correctly the first time...
  8. So who gets the extra role? Also can someone add me to the roster please.
  9. If I remember correctly, Flame voted to save himself and Kika seized the opportunity to keep Flame around. And Yeah, you played very well for your first time, only reason you were certain to be bad was more due to process of elimination then anything else.
  10. Congrats Bonanova. First post of the NP was the block correct? If so how did Kikacat get both Blocked and her trap go through N1?
  11. :hmm: How could I know this???
  12. Sigh. Kikacat why are you blatantly ignoring anything I say? I have all but outted myself... Bonanova: If there is a tie then there will be a die/coin flip to determine who is lynched.
  13. Based on a question I asked earlier to Magic, yes it does.
  14. Things I know... Plas targeted Bonanova N1 Kika was blocked N1 Sandy saved Bonanova N1 LSB targeted Flame N1 Boogie killed Phil N1 Flame Blocked N2 Sandy Saved Kika N2 Boogie tried to kill Kika N2 LSB tried to target Kika N2? Jack doesn't show up in Night Post.. Unless Kikacat is the Indy, then Flame is the only one that can be LSB and Bonanova can only be the baddie. Not sure how much clearer I can be without posting the entire roster...
  15. 1. Flamebirde - voting for Kikacat 4. bonanova - voting for plasmid 5. Kikacat123 - voting for plasmid 6. plasmid - voting for Flamebirde 7. Framm18 - voting for Flamebirde 2. BMAD - lynched as mayor 3. phil1882 - killed N1 edited the gap between players.