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  1. Hi,

    after 1 year this forum has been upgraded again. This time we have some great changes. Feel free to comment on your favorite feature or start a new thread to suggest what you would like to see in the forums.

    New Text Editor

    - Auto save text as you write reply and you get notified if there is new post while you are still writing the reply, AJAX reply/quote that is faster and pages won't need to reload - this one looks really fast.

    - When writing fast reply you also get notified if someone else posted while you were writing your fast reply.

    Core Functionality

    - Improved View New Content Tracking - no more listing topics that you read, topic with many pages is not marked as read until the last page has been loaded,

    - View New Content Filter by "Followed" items only, or by topics I started or topics where I participated, filter by forum, and of course all filtering should be remembered

    - Shared Media - easy access to and faster work with all uploaded attachments

    - Notification Enhancements - "PM count" and "Notification" boxes have been removed from the drop down icons and placed with a high visibility count, inline popup window

    - Mobile Skin - linear menu replaced by the most used areas (new content, messenger etc.) which are big boxes easily tapped on by finger, general improvements (the forums really look easy to work with on cell phones - great)

    Calendar Improvements

    - SEO, rating, attachments/flyers, notifications, signalling attendance to events etc.

    Moderator Functions

    - New Moderator Control Panel including all moderating actions on 1 place - edit members, report center, unapproved/deleted content etc.

    Admin CP

    - Faster navigation and a few tweaks.

    Miscellaneous Changes

    - Member photos and member avatars are being merged into one function: member photo.

    - New default skin.

    - Archive Personal Conversations.

    - New Chat available for each member (max. 5 users at the same time).

    - Improved Blog and Gallery.

    Performance Improvements

    Developer-Oriented Changes

    And many others.

    The BrainDen Forums have more of an application feel by eliminating page reloads and using rich web technologies.

    What do you like in this new version?

  2. Greetings, New Member.

    Let me welcome you to BrainDen - Brain Teasers Forum.

    Please Introduce Yourself and get to know other members - click on "Start a new topic" button in the top right hand corner to share a few words about yourself, explain how you got here and what you are looking for on BrainDen.

    1. Start new threads in the most relevant forum category.

    For instance, "Puzzles" section asks usually "how" (eg. how it happened, how can you calculate something, etc.) whereas "Riddles" section asks "what" (eg. What-am-I riddles in rhymes).

    2. Before posting a new riddle, first perform a search to make sure your riddle isn’t one that has previously been posted.

    There is no need to duplicate 20 times the same puzzle/riddle (eg. liar/trutheller on crossroads, or what is greater than god riddle etc.)

    3. Include a descriptive and unique title.

    Imagine you see 20 titles all named "What am I" or "My New Riddle" - it would be a bit harder to distinguish the riddles, wouldn't it?

    4. Time limit for editing posts is 10 minutes.

    5. There is no need to resurrect old threads - no need to post solution in thread which was solved 2 years ago.

    6. Basic etiquette - hopefully no need to explain in details wink.gif

    7. Keep your signature short (max. 3-4 lines), do not include external links in signature and let's make the signature not distracting since what counts are the posts.

    8. You can subscribe to "New Puzzles" (just like any other forum) and be immediately notified when new puzzle is submitted. Of course, you can be notified also about each reply in your favorite thread.

    9. Use spoilers for answers so that others can enjoy the puzzles as well.

    10. If you would like to follow all latest puzzles/riddles, then you may also:

    a) check 15 latest puzzles - all on 1 page dedicated to New Riddles and Puzzles

    b) showing latest puzzle or random optical illusion on your iGoogle.com

    c) subscribe via RSS etc.


    Posts made in this forum section are not counted towards your total post counter. Remember that this is the place to introduce yourself and not your site. All members advertising other sites or products are banned immediately.

    Enjoy the Den wink.gif


    What can never be borrowed and yet returned nonetheless?


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  3. Feel free to add banners linking to other sites on your BD "About Me" page. Of course, in smaller amount and to appropriate sites so that it's not considered just as spamming.

    harvey45, I like the BD logo. Thanks for using it on other sites as per their rules ;)

  4. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Just a few points:

    1. I am basically the only one cleaning BD

    2. I am on vacation this week with limited access to internet

    3. I have banned the spammer by name/email/ip (several new registrations were made from different ip addresses)

    4. the spammer came back from different ip so I disabled the site (so post/topic can not be started if the site is included)

    5. the spammer came back and posted the site in thread title while making off topic post

    6. I have disabled new registrations - no new member can register from now on until further measures are taken

    Thanks for understanding.

    Enjoy the Den.

  5. HAHA SO TRUE! Love that post...

    Hey any moderators or admins reading this, can I make a new post with the same topic (without losing my account ^_^ ) ?

    Sure, the account can be kept, but banned and so not active ;)

  6. I would like to discuss all possibilities via PM or mail (including the meta keywords decrease of importance over the last few years and their low value in Google algorithm, and all other aspects of SEO/SEM).

  7. I have great news for all Facebook users. You can easily integrate this site into your Facebook page. Simply click the "Like" button at the top, add a short comment and your Facebook profile will include the specific BrainDen page that you like. Easy :-)

    Now you can share any thread from these forums with your friends on Facebook.

    post-2-001870800 1287265526.jpg

  8. Solution to "Crossing the Desert"

    There are 4 cars needed, including the car with the important letter (which travels to the middle of the desert). Its empty tank must be filled to the top to get to the end of desert. The way between the military base (where the cars and petrol is) and the middle of the desert can be divided into 3 thirds. 3 cars will go in their thirds back and forth and overspilling 1/3 of their tanks. This way the tank of the important car will be filled and the letter will be delivered.

    Apologies, the thread with solution and discussion is missing due to technical issues.

  9. Hmmm... I wonder if the Mods would frown upon that... I guess we could give it a try and hope they don't shut it down. I'll set it up and PM the Mod letting them know what's happening...

    You can PM me if you have any questions ;)

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