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  1. Hot topic requires 30 posts.

  2. Glad you asked Joey D. I have changed your signature. Feel free to link your site in your profile but not in your signature. Link to signature rules is mentioned in the general Board Guidelines. Direct link is

  3. Gmaster479, I have pinned the thread and amended title/description.

  4. Forum was upgraded to version 3.0.3 and the spoilers are working properly again.

  5. crazypainter, nothing special happens when 2000 posts are reached for the time being. I might give you author access to gallery to upload your pictures if you wish. Surfing was in Peniche, Portugal.

  6. I have approved both comments in the Gallery

  7. ???, you are probably using MS Internet Explorer. All other browser should display "My Information" correctly. This should be fixed in MS IE shortly as well.

  8. check the top right hand corner - "My Settings" ... each setting I mentioned is there

  9. braindennewbie, feel free to unsubscribe from any forums/topics/comments/messages/admin notes and you won't receive any notifications from this site

    but I have already written that a few comments back - repetitio est mater studiorum

  10. Enjoy the Den :-)

    1. Guest


      what's up it said on compture u was 30 years old that's cool

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  11. Herm, you can unsubscribe from all forums/topics/comments/PM notifications and you won't receive any mails from this site.

  12. Thanks for the compliment :-)

  13. "1ja" significance is personal and "number 2" is mentioned elsewhere :-)

  14. spyder510 , you are welcome. And "1ja" has significance.

  15. Herm, I am not sure what you mean. It works for me. Could you clarify in PM. BTW, I have amended your signature due to violation of signature rules (external link and excessive length).

  16. you are welcome :-)

  17. Ecks, you can change majority of settings (including photo) via "My Controls"

  18. andromeda, go to "My Controls - Board Settings" and tick "Auto correct DST" ... then refresh the board and you should see the correct time

  19. RMZ, you can use your current account

    andromeda, we switched yesterday as well

  20. no title change yet ... btw, I (as admin) could have changed title anytime

  21. Šťastný Nový rok!

  22. I have considered that, however, I will not join ... thanks for the invitation

  23. I did raft a few times ... I actually like doing almost any sport

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