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  1. Enjoy the Den :-)

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      what's up it said on compture u was 30 years old that's cool

  2. NickFleming, you can report any reposts or other violations of rules and I will decide further. BTW, even though resurrecting rule is not applied that strictly in Jokes forum, it still applies (especially when an old thread is resurrected by a smiley or lol)


  3. Hot topic requires 30 posts.

  4. chrispen, after reaching 1000 posts each member has the possibility to change his title and your photo should change shortly (give it some time :-)

  5. chrispen, the issue should be resolved now. Thanks.

  6. abhisk, when you rate someone's post (bottom right corner of each post - the plus/minus symbols) then you change his/her reputation

  7. Welcome back BN,

    I have replied to you in a PM.

  8. You are welcome, GUGHA.

  9. teekayla, just a few minutes ago

  10. Thanks for all the wishes. I am trying to enjoy these days by travelling through Italy. I wish all of you at least as good days as I am just having. Enjoy BD, enjoy life :-)

  11. MissKitten, I don't have a Club Penguin account.


  12. NickFleming, I deleted your repost.

    No problem.

  13. NickFleming, another repost. Some previous threads including the same puzzle (keyword rocks or ice):

  14. Personally, I don't use +. I use either advanced forum search (if too many results are found by regular forum search) or google search from the homepage BrainDen.com.

  15. Glad you asked Joey D. I have changed your signature. Feel free to link your site in your profile but not in your signature. Link to signature rules is mentioned in the general Board Guidelines. Direct link is

  16. Adding post with new information (eg. solution not provided yet) is, of course, OK.

  17. jakeknowslittle, no.

  18. OmegaScales, your question regarding Czech vs. Slovak language is answered in the thread. Feel free to read it.

  19. Aaryan, once in your preferred forum section, look for "Start New Topic" button in the top right hand corner.

  20. Aaryan, topic starter can add a poll within 30 days. For detailed instructions on how to add poll, I advise to read the forum rules - http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=rules&f=7

  21. thingamajigi, I am a Slovak

    Aaryan, have a look at the following post -

  22. Aaryan, BD time you see should be as set in your preferences ("My Settings"). So people in different time zones may see different posting time for the same post.

  23. Adub20, I see that you already made a few posts so your access should allow you to post your own riddles. You may go into the appropriate forum section (Puzzles or Riddles) and then click on "Start New Topic" button in the top right hand corner.

    Enjoy the Den :-)

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