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  1. yuhsuan, When you go to post your answer, click on the SPOILER button. You will see "Enter the visible title of spoiler" This is where the title of your psoiler goes. Then your answer goes under the "Enter the text to be masked". This will make your spoiler so no one sees your answer unintentionally.

  2. Treasure waits beyond the reach

    gold within a hold,

    remnants of the dead are stitched

    to keep the living whole.

    Broken bones among the weeds

    scattered ‘round and round,

    where untouched gems wait silently

    o’er blades upon the ground.

    A bee hive?

  3. I used to work at a school for the sight impaired. Some people there were deaf and blind. We would use sign language into their hands. This may work if Blind can read sign language. If not, Dumb can "spell" it into Blind's hand.

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