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  1. Maybe with a bit of cheetahing.....[spoiler="spoiler title here within quotes"]coalition?[/spoiler]
  2. My logic may well be flawed. ??? ¥ If for the weighing of 2x9's...1 balaces (cfc not in these 18)...1 unbalanced (cfc is in the only 9 not in the balanced set , and as i know which side of the scale it is/was on, i know h or l too. From 9 knowing h/l, can solve in two balances. Where have i gone wrong? This is a fun puzzle.
  3. As before 9,9,9 & 3. Hope this makes sense.
  4. Perhaps...
  5. Well no shi"ite....a saudi pop
  6. Workink off a dram, got to purge. Anything to do with....
  7. Arabian spousal reception.....
  8. My take now is that we have a colourful hand here Needs a leg-up with the canvas though.?..
  9. Stealing Thalia's mount.....
  10. Damnation......
  11. Arabian spousal reception. ........ disclaimer@ mrs Wilson.......just kidding!
  12. Hiya plasmid...at the risk of being a bit Keef Richards...try...
  13. Think I've ironed out the kinks on the last one......
  14. Took a while to get this post up.......fast track Andalusian mount.... Formal courtesy of an Asian?