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  1. EDM you are claiming people pounced on you, when you just logged on to put in a vote without reading the thread (or you're bad). we don't need a defense right now we just need you to follow the plan.


    benjer if you see this vote for EDM

    EDM if you read this vote for araver

  2. Host: maurice

    1. Blablah - dead, outdrawn by Johnny Ringo

    2. MollyMae - shooting @ OboePassion

    3. Oboe Passion - shooting @ Hirkala

    4. Hirkala - Shooting @ curr3nt

    5. curr3nt - shooting @ slick

    6. slick - shooting @ onetruth

    7. onetruth - shooting @ Vine

    8. Vineetrika - shooting @ Panther

    9. Panther - shooting @ benjer

    10. benjer

    11. EDM

    12. Araver - shooting @ Glycereine

    13. Glycereine - shooting @ young scientist

    14. young - shooting @ MollyMae

    removing EDM's vote as she requested until she actually reads the thread...

    as a recap EDM you need to be voting for the person below you on the roster or you are (1) a baddie or (2) potentially helping the baddies.

    the plan is still solid right now though. Unless EDM or Araver is Ike we got him. Also if one of them is, it will be pretty apparent after the lynch vote.

  3. wyatt should NOT use his vote mod unless he KNOWS of a baddie. If he KNOWS of a baddie then he should alter the person who is voting for him's vote to x2.

    This will not out wyatt and should only happen if wyatt KNOWS a baddie identity, no hunches today.

  4. Host: maurice

    1. Blablah - dead, outdrawn by Johnny Ringo

    2. MollyMae

    3. Oboe Passion

    4. Hirkala

    5. curr3nt - vote for slick

    6. slick

    7. onetruth

    8. Vineetrika

    9. Panther

    10. benjer

    11. EDM

    12. Araver

    13. Glycereine - voting for young scientist

    14. young

    Also voting as per plan. Nothing in the nightpost indicates that this should change. If everyone votes for the player beneathe them on the roster we will either lynch a baddie or learn something VERY valuable today.

  5. Also curr3nt it's not necessarily plans like this that smell of baddie. it's ones where there are vote manipulators intentionally left out of the plan. yours includes them and seems sound. If I die tonight I recommend you run with it. But again I'd stop talking about it for now.

  6. ok, the goodie vote manip (wyatt) can change anyone's vote whereas the baddie vote manip (ike) can only change his own.

    Barring an indie vote manipulation (pretty low chance for the random ability to be a vote manipulation unless paired with a second ability), theplan is sounds.

    if people follow it and wyatt doesn't vote manipulate, ike is either lynched day 1, or is outted in that same post as the only person voting for the random goodie who ended up lynched.

    now the night post can change alot. Like whether or not this is worth doing, BUT barring solid information, this is at worst a 1 for 1 trade and at best a dead baddie. Both of those are better than most day 1 lynches.

  7. actually I need to read the role descriptions again really fast but the only time the situation above is a flat out bad idea is when there are vote manipulators that can't be found by the day post (ie can change anyone's vote not just their own)

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