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  1. the only reason I'd say he doesn't get the extra for that is because he instead gets the points for correctly proving the same letter (posted at the same time even). I am good with either way :)

  2. maurice is correct. A is right and proven but my proof is wrong, the 5 points should go to him.

    to finish my proof, the L is eliminated from DROLL-0.

    but he beat me to it.

  3. MOPES

    if 0, proves A is second from

    MAPLE-1. M_P disproven by MOPES-0,

    O disproven by HOUSE-1 where the 1 is from proven ____E

    S disproven by proven ____E

    leaving only _A___

  4. Maurice if a vote mod changes the vote that won't look the same as if a random person dies because of a tie correct?


    remember do NOT use your mod unless you are absolutely certain about a baddie today.

  5. yeah i dont think she actually read it... the plan I mean. Either way we are still on good track since she at least removed her vote. It will be far better if she votes but if a goodie dies today she is a prime suspect.

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