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  1. eh i don't think vine meant anything like that, just that curr3nt was posting the same questions she had.

    to answer your question it's because Hirk isn't a goodie. I'm not exposing any more tonight. You have my recommendations but I don't want any goodie's roles outted yet. If I die tonight though keep in mind what I've said.

  2. usually in a tie the host says who the two people are... like

    "it seemed Hirkala was going to be lynched but suddenly curr3nt was brought up on stage as well. A coin was tossed and GM decided Hirkala would die."

    I completely understand Araver's assumption that the tied parties would be exposed but with a role like Ike's I probably wouldn't expose it either.

    that said. araver's defense is 100% clear to me. I am not saying its 100% right, but I believe it as well as his reasons for being vague.

  3. _ _ _ _ H













    +5 Maurice

  4. actually Araver's defense was logical and what I expected because I assumed hirkala was the indy after the day post.

    Hirk's defense/accusation however was also what I expected from an almost-exposed baddie.

    I no longer recommend Texas Jack killing Araver.

    @Texas Jack - recommend a stay of execution. Only kill if you know of someone or are confident in Araver's assertment that Hirkala is bad/indie (I agree but not enough to TELL you to kill him, in your hands now).

    Also I will most likely die tonight. Don't waste a lynch or Hirkala as he appears immune.

    You know my suspicions.

  5. well assuming morgan even listens to me its still only a 1/3 chance he gets a kill which is why I listed her after Araver.


    How about this only if you get a kill use it on EDM, if it's choice then do something else to someone else.

    now it's only 1/6 kill on EDM :)

  6. it's almost certain that Araver's vote counted for 1 only. The reason I say that is that there was a tie and the only other possibilies are for wyatt to have changed someones vote to 0 or 2. Both of which would have also caused a tie (but Hirkala was in the tie) or for billy to have doubled his vote (which is only a chance and would have just added another person to the tie).

  7. gah sorry maurice I mixed two things up.

    Doc is the one that can't die at shootut, but if he would have someone else will die?

    I don't see a possibility where someone lives... Especially after the answer to question 3 was correct...

    Has to be indie ability. Either way there was a tie though and araver created it unecessarily.

  8. vote modifiers dont always make it into day posts (will wait for maurice's answer for sure). There was obviously a vote on someone that either counted double, or a vote on ike which is basically like 2 votes on ike. the second vote on hirk tied it. since the OP states that in a tie lynch someone will die, it would be silly of the baddies to tie the vote on one of their own instead of on a goodie (to give them a 50/50 chance).

    This doesn't put Hirkala 100% off the hook, but unless Araver is good (slim to no chance imo NOTE THIS TEXAS JACK) then Hirk is good.

  9. as I understand it (questions for host):

    1. If josephine saves someone and that person would have died their role is outed?

    2. If wyatt is the shootout with most votes someone else will die as long as Doc is alive?

    3. If there is a tie someone will die?

    If these are all correct assumptions/assertments, then the only possibility is that the Indy can lynch save someone (themselves or other).

  10. I honestly didn't think they would. Either way we learned more from the day 1 lynch than the goodies would on any other day.

    The fact that araver did it (not relegated to a less experienced player) surprises me more though so me must be a less useful baddie than the others.

  11. so far we're looking good.

    Just to reiterate in case Wyatt is someone semi-inactive:

    @WYATT: Don't use your vote manipulator unless you are 100% positive of a baddie today. Just vote like normal x1.

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