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  1. Host BlaBlah

    1) Hirkala

    2) Araver

    3) Darth Legion

    4) peace

    5) benjer

    6) Segul

    7) Vineetrika

    8) maurice

    9) LJ

    10) MissKitten

    11) curr3nt

    12) Panther

    13) Glycereine


    15) Hallie15dancer


    1) EDM



  2. Darn. Guess I didn't get listened to when I said not to block Slick but it seems that a tone of people thought I was bad or the indy for really no reason even after data had cleared me of both.

    Good game and well played blablah.

  3. thanks araver had been on my phone.

    I'm on a real computer now so let me elaborate slightly.

    Worf trapped benjer so his action didn't go through. There was a baddie action missing as well as the baddie kill, meaning either both baddies were absent from BTSC (a fact we know isn't true since 1 acted) or that the baddie chosen to carry out the night kill was blocked. It's safe (as safe as any assumption no matter how logical in mafia) to assume that Benjer was that baddie.

    This by no means clears slick but it's better to get a certain baddie lynched than a maybe. We can block slick tonight if needed.


    As for vineetricka's revelations last night, there are two possibilities. The first and most likely is that Vine is who Vine claimed to be. The second is that Vine is Sela. If data is on Sela's list then claiming to be data would be a shrewd move and about the most likely way to get him to out himself. Admittedly that is a long shot but it is a possibility nonetheless.

    If Sela is still alive (I am assuming he is to be safe) we absolutely cannot have anyone out themselves. With as few people left alive as we have and the baddies narrowed down as well as we have them, we could be in trouble. I believe Sela is now our biggest threat, but we can't afford to lynch a goodie by accident so if we eliminate a known baddie we at least don't give Sela any more information from the day post.

  4. Add a vote for slick please

    @hosts: do the baddies have to choose a person to carry out their kill? Also are me meant to read worfs action as a fail

    If they don't have to choose a person to carry it out or if word failed why no baddie kill tonight....

  5. SD please stop misreading or misquoting me.

    You're not helping your case. I meant what I said, if your voting pattern wasn't as good as it was your accusations would be much more suspicious.

    And if you knew for certain who vine was you'd know who I am as well based on roles left alive which makes me less sure about you. However I'm more sure slick is a baddie than that you are Sela.

  6. SD if your voting pattern wasn't worse I would assume you're bad. After claiming I misquited you you quoted part of what I said and called it a bad defense... Read the next line.

    Also it's NIGHT. Suggesting actions aside, the baddies already have BTSC we don't need to give them any more hints.

  7. I just got called out as SELA and I am most definitely not. Not going to provide evidence right now as it's night and I think the person who called me out may be fishing for role ID's....

    no one out yourselves as SELA only needs 1 RID not 2 to win...

  8. feel free to spy me but it's a wasted spy if our spy is still alive.

    I was the second person to vote for hirkala and stayed there. If I had been a baddie I could have switched at any time.

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