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  1. This seems super interesting. if I am reading it right the biggest threat comes from Tigerclan. It looks like bloodclan has to kill the leader of both the other clans AND be the last standing so at least initially I don't think we have to worry about them too much. Obviously could become a problem later on though.

    also... that's alot of baddies. lol

  2. @maurice I think a word has to be misscored or I have nothing was well. Juice was the only thing that fits closely (but doesn't fit) that I could think of.

  3. J must be the first letter from Jenga-1

    E is eliminated because U is proven as second.

    N is eliminated from FUNGI-1 (where U is the 1)

    G is eliminated from FUNGI-1 (where U is the 1)

    A is eliminated from OUIJA-2 (where _U_C_ are the 2)

    This works after the previous proof (which I agree with unless some words aren't scored right)

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