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    _ _ _ _ E SLAPS(0) WHOLE(1) WHILE(1) WH0RE(1) SLOPE(1) APPLE(1) ZEBRA(0) XYLYL(0) [/code] will assume that's a word. know the state of CA recognizes ZYLOL but that has something to do with long term nervous system effects *twitch - twitch*
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    _ _ _ _ E SLAPS(0) WHOLE(1) WHILE(1) WH0RE(1) SLOPE(1) APPLE(1) ZEBRA(0) [/code]
  3. plainglazed


    _ _ _ _ E SLAPS(0) WHOLE(1) WHILE(1) WH0RE(1) SLOPE(1) APPLE(1) [/code]
  4. plainglazed


    _ _ _ _ E SLAPS(0) WHOLE(1) WHILE(1) WH0RE(1) SLOPE(1) Izzy +5 [/code]
  5. plainglazed


    _ _ _ _ _ SLAPS(0) WHOLE(1) WHILE(1) WH0RE(1) [/code]
  6. oops, sorry again. each couplet has its own one word answer. the seven answers in the end are then part of a final answer/puzzle. check out a link or two in the OP. this one is like those.
  7. Tee hee, sorry 'bout that, kinda. no really, not intentional. and truthfully hope you're not too serious. hey mb - not that... but halfway closer? but you were also half closer before on this one. oops, may have said too much. yay or nay from here. nay.
  8. plainglazed


    _ _ _ _ _ SLAPS(0) WHOLE(1) [/code]
  9. plainglazed


    cool, thanks Izzy, been a while, Ok _ _ _ _ _
  10. you're getting some of the intent but all the answers to each of the seven couplets are a single "word" (not contained in your response above, btw) not that nor that, good thoughts tho...
  11. plainglazed

    hey Nick - have noticed you doing that but you do not have to reply to someone elses post to add a poll to your topic. you cannot add a poll from the "Fast Reply" dialogue box. what you need to do is click the "Use Full Editor" button just below the Fast Reply. from there you can Manage Topic Poll. Alternatively, you could continue to hit the "Add Reply" button below any post on your topic as you've been doing and simply delete the Quote before you post and add the poll/solved feature.
  12. hey t_l - and works with the first half of the first line as well. nice logic! you're on the right trail but not quite there.
  13. Seven this time, you must solve, before your work is done And even then, there's something more, to find about each one Dress down and take to task, both maybe doubly so Too this trashy sheet, could put you in the know Vital that it functions, independently Bellowing out loud, that could be the key Previously this trio has formed ties on que The one before this verse and code for sex too Though it may be routine, just part of an act It still adds up, you can count on that fact To do the heavy lifting, I help to move along A girly sort of thing, L.A. greets me in a song How much they say, and if it's a fit It's what it does, and then you're it You may marvel at my exploits, super bold and strong Should do lunch sometime, or don't be this of song FWIW, here are a couple of links to other similar ones from before:
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