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  1. Thanks mate.  Do enjoy them.  Constructing them is tough.  Hard to get the difficulty balance right.  Gonna give it a go here shortly anyway.  As to the spoiler, I just click the eye icon in the response box and then fill in the box labeled hidden text or something like that.

  2. Thanks and thanks for the fun.  Had to chew on this one overnight before it hit me.  Been a while since I've dropped in here but great to see you and several other friends still here.  Life's especially crazy these days but hope to be more regular here.

  3. 8 hours ago, Thalia said:



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    Saudi/Howdy Partner?


    why yes ma'am.  seems somewhat of a let down after all this time and all the other great answers y'all came up with.  you may have to work both halves of both clues against one another for that last one if you still have interest.  thanks T

  4. Hiya Thalia - Not the same as what I was originally thinking.  But like many other prior responses, quite clever.  And punny.  Like it.  Here's a couple of alternative clues:

    An attractive East African - or - Stolen from the Horn of Africa

    Arabian spousal reception - or - A greeting for a Riyadhi business associate

  5. Nice solve Wilson.  I had nothing for this one for days.  Half convinced myself there was not enough info to solve and finally peaked at your answer.  Should never have doubted the master Mister 'puddn.  Most excellent.  I salute you sirs.

  6. Spoiler fwiw


    Approached this kinda from what I learned from another bonanova puzzle (which happens to be my favorite of all time and what really got me hooked here)

    by looking at the rectangle in somewhat of a degenerative case were it approaches a line segment of 16 circle diameters.  That is, if the circle's diameter is said to be one unit, a rectangle which is just over sixteen units long and infinitesimally wide I think satisfies the OP.  Sixteen unit circles can cover a sixteen unit line segment so maybe seventeen circles would be the minimum to cover the above described rectangle.

    Hole in a Sphere



  7. well hello, Sir.  Been a contemplating the above  since you first posted.  Have some preliminary thoughts but first a question:  is there any significance in the division of the two stanzas of the OP?  Understand if you don't care to respond.  Mostly just want to let you know am on the case.

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