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  1. hate to rattle your cage, EDM, but not it. I do have a jar in my desk drawer but not what I was thinking about (until now, it is after five here in good ole Norths Cackalacky afterall). yeah, a little, I'll grant you that much. but even though, not it. I the subject, was not. sorry chicory must admit I havent seen one of those. ever. too funny, not it.
  2. hey DD - no to those but glad to know you're on the case. it'll come sorry EDM, not those either.
  3. . nope, not those kind of secrets...
  4. not it Wilson but do see where you're coming from. hey, can I ask if you are by chance an expat? fear I may once again not have been sensitive enough to the international crowd. none of those Framm and certainly wouldnt say odd re that last one (not a hint) hey Scudo - good to see you. none of those but please give it another shot.
  5. yeah, more rare nice read. but that particular line of that rhyme is meant to be literal. hey vee's brain - think you may be picking up on a key reference. dont want to say too much for fear of throwing you off and those are not what I'm looking for either. umm - nice fit Shakee - not it though - still think there's a definitive answer helped by the last line.
  6. hey chic, sorry, not one of those. you'll get there.
  7. More great answers but still not it. Am thinking I may have posted this one in haste. Contimplating a rewrite, additional lines, or hint.
  8. Hey Deanna - been thinking about this one too long without a guess. Cant fully fit all together tho yet. Will keep at it. Am hooked.
  9. another fine guess Framm but alas, not it. thanks for weighing in...
  10. Good thoughts all, but none of those.
  11. hey DD - nice fit, nearly perfect, but not it.
  12. sorry I missed this at first, chicory, must have been distracted with the kids. cant be too careful when they're around. not that or those tho.
  13. hey there onetruth - not it but thanks for getting this one started
  14. Some time ago ...In every home ......You could find me there The host of secrets ...I keep to myself ......Defying not thin air Protecting some ...For a time ......Sporadic perhaps my care No longer needed ...Out with a twist ......But no reason to despair For hardly no more ...Do you see me ......In fact I am quite rare And now you know ...Not how I look ......But how I do compare
  15. hey deanna - so good to see you here. been too long. and a metaphor with your return. what a fortunate day!

  16. Well done m_w, you saw right thru me. An excellent direction to think!
  17. plainglazed

    Okay, time for another stab Someone please simplify this.
  18. Eight of eight little ponies Saddled up two by four Then six of twelve most of the time Can be, common; more After that a dozen or two Are needed just in case Several more show up To partake in this twisted race And when the gang's all here A barrel of fun's had by all Not too much of course For revenge one could easily fall
  19. plainglazed

    EDIT: it's late, better rethink this...
  20. plainglazed

    Another most excellent riddle Shakee with the answer hidden right there in plain sight. Still got that red spot on my forehead. The best kind inmo.
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