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  1. 20 hours ago, Shakeepuddn said:

    1: unmanaged


    definitely see where this is coming from.  think the clue would have had to read dated instead of dates.  nice stab.

    and correct of course for 5.  hadn't noticed you had added that one.  think that's my favorite.  and think 1. and 4. are fair.  can give minor hints if you want.

  2. mini.cryptic.2.jpg

    1.   Delayed yet he dates it somehow (9)
    2.  This handlebar really has to hurt (8)
    3.  Turns the table a little regarding poetry (8)
    4.  Indicating standard time sets both back after multi-processing (6,4)
    5.  Resort amenity at your convenience (7)
    6.  Deceitful insult sharpens truth initially (9)

  3. you're welcome to make suggestions.  as right you are.  threw me with the speculation.  thought the previous smiley was saying you got it but were holding off.  think S as the symbol for entropy is not really common knowledge but figured once the first three words were decrypted the rest would fall into place.  so hopefully a fair enough clue.

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