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  1. ah, beat me to it (as usual) cheers mate

  2. ahoy Wilson - thanks for the greeting. my intention is to be more regular again. meant here in the Den but have had a little creative blockage if you will as of late. it's just that darn pesky work thing. hope to be twisting words and guessing riddles along with you and the gang as before.

  3. Am in the process of getting out my first. 95% done and then just need a little bit more nerve. Your comment is certainly helpful in this regard. Shortly/Today I promise

  4. and now my turn to wish you a happy belated... and too a fabulous holiday season. cheers

  5. been away from the Den too long. big life changes on this end. hope to be more regular. need a relaxative.

    1. tiger_lily111


      Hope it is the good kind of life changes. More fiber.

    2. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      Less fiber = better relaxative. =P

  6. en route to the inlaws - car->plane->bus->train->subway-> then taxi. first plane's already cancelled. gonna be a long trip...

  7. fun filled indeed, maybe a little too much so - thanks for the well wishes t_l

  8. happy belated birthday, araver. and welcome to your third decade.

  9. Happy Day - looks like i still have mod priveleges so please dont hesitate to PM me with any thoughts/suggestions/titles/forum changes/whatever in order to help rookie out.

  10. has been allowed reentry

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    2. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      Congrats on the modship, too.

    3. plainglazed


      oh, I know very well who you are. you know how our shared buddies like to talk.

      thank you too, M M

      still guessing and having fun here are listed in the requirements of a mods duties.

  11. has been taking full advantage of the longest night of the year.

    1. Molly Mae
    2. plainglazed


      hah, hilarious but nah. family's out of town so kept my head down to limit any trouble. fully recovered now.

  12. Hey - was flattered when you first stopped by that riddle and now, what to say? thanks so much for the wonderful comment. have previously enjoyed your 1000 post celebratory riddles and some others. am headed to check out more. hope you can get to the Den more often. Cheers

  13. hey D - here's wishing you a fabulously special day.

  14. Hey DD - are your BrainDen pages screwy today or is it my machine. Did an update last night and dont know if it's me or the site.

  15. hey dD - sorry 'bout that. just couldn't resist. think they'd kill me if they knew - anyway, here are some eyedrops *squirt... squirt*

  16. hey deanna - so good to see you here. been too long. and a metaphor with your return. what a fortunate day!

  17. hey EDM - thanks so much for the encouragement

  18. hey EDM - was indeed a wonderful day. thanks so much for the birthday wishes.

  19. hey hey Scudo - hope you're having another fabulously special day. Dont over do it. You know we dont recover as quickly as we used to. My memory's goin' so thought you might also appreciate a gentle reminder. Cheers

  20. hey man - thanks for the greetings - was indeed a great day

  21. hey MM - quiting is easy, I've done it thousands of times. (-Mark Twain, proportedly but havnt verified) stay strong.

  22. Hey tiger--Just now noticed it was you birthday. Happy, Happy! There was no gadget was there. Now I really understand your riddles inspiration. Hope you have a wonderful June 26th.

  23. home again, home again, lickety split

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