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  1. Rights Of Passage

    Immature and on the go If scared, proceed with caution When embarrassed, still you know Take heed before you run
  2. I'm not a pirate

    HAPPY NEW YEAR plasmid Spoiler for auld lang syne
  3. Font

    I have the 30 letters but not the 32 clues. 
  4. Font

    Hey Thalia - am now sure the number of blanks are as TSL last posted ---NO----ART-------IS------KEY
  5. Diamond Tiling

    Spoiler for may be at least a partial proof along the lines of the formal proof  
  6. Bus Schedule

    Spoiler for having something to do....  
  7. Foreign Speakers

    Hey Thalia - gonna go with three out of four correct in your two responses above.  Not yet on the Arabian.  Should have said that plasmid was half right on his last stab at that one. Spoiler for a little more on the Byzantine one
  8. I'm not a pirate

    Spoiler for maybe you are...
  9. I'm not a pirate

    you gotta know I've been wracking my brain on this one and cant stop.  Gotta at least take a swing at it at this point... Spoiler for speaking softly
  10. Foreign Speakers

    also a good pun Wilson but canter gris.
  11. Foreign Speakers

    nope but man, you must like to live dangerously.  did get a kick out of your answer tho.
  12. Foreign Speakers

    yes indeed!  cruisin now.
  13. Foreign Speakers

    @‌ Thalia - that edit came about when I copied and pasted from my notes with answers, good catch and nice solve for that one.  that and the last one are similar ie homographs vs homophones @‌ bonanova - yeah, I agree.  Thalia is quite good at these.  Now realize they are less apparent then when I was composing them.  My sense of difficulty was somewhat skewed after playing with them for a while. @‌ Wilson - Hou's it gaun auld friend?  Great to see you here.  Good answers, both yet different than mine.  
  14. Foreign Speakers

    hey T - your first one above does indeed work yet is different than mine.  I really like it.  The very last two of this puzzle are derived a little differently than the others (well my answers were at least).  Your second answer above is as I intended but not your third one.  Will have to do a little Wikipedia-ing to look into a Croatia/Byzantium connection.  This one anyway is my least favorite and I might should have culled it before posting.  And one of your "ideas" matches where I was coming from - okay the first one. - Cheers   and @‌‌ bonanova - thanks man,  liked that one, too.   so far...  
  15. Foreign Speakers

    two more down - well done Thalia