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  1. Spoiler for some supporting math
  2. Hmm, let's put the axes of the trapezae on each of two motorized pinions which would travel the full length of each of two racks in the time the swinger travelled from platform one to trapeze two or from trapeze two to platform two. Assuming the length of each rack is infinity/2, the platforms could be infinity apart.
  3. and a Spoiler for some additional thoughts:
  4. Spoiler for one calculation That is if my math holds up.
  5. without getting too political, what I meant was, just as the word spouse can mean either one, so does the parallel term in the answer.
  6. Don't think it could ever be possible
  7. Hey hey you two - Wilson, know it's been a while since you posted the above but gotta say, very clever as always - indeed too clever for me. And just reviewed these and only now do I fully get your previous stab at this one. Always been fifty fifty on the spelling of that arid wasteland or after meal treat. Love it. T - thanks for the bump. All's true in your spoiler above with the exception that the spouse is not gender specific. Cheers
  8. perhaps...
  9. Well hello there Tylerj21 and welcome to the Den (though have seen you around for several weeks now). Have been meaning to rework that last line to both tie in and rhyme better but now no need. Well solved, sir.
  10. Immature and on the go If scared, proceed with caution When embarrassed, still you know Take heed before you run
  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR plasmid Spoiler for auld lang syne
  12. I have the 30 letters but not the 32 clues.
  13. Hey Thalia - am now sure the number of blanks are as TSL last posted ---NO----ART-------IS------KEY
  14. Spoiler for may be at least a partial proof along the lines of the formal proof