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  1. the magical disappearing, reappearing dee!

  2. finally crawled out from the rock ive been hiding under. too much craziness

    1. deannaart


      back to riddle it up fellow riddle zombies! hope everyone still enjoys this new metaphor riddle. hello to all. great to see so many familiar friends and new faces too. well hav fun. happy riddling!

  3. hey there PG! glad to see you're still on here giving people glorious headaches! I've often thought of all you guys and am glad to be back. it's been a while, so i've put the training wheels back on, but i think all shall go well. anyways, big smiles to see you!!

  4. once again, back to riddle it up

  5. Thanx for adding me as a friend, Scudo!! I am honored to hold that title. Hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend of mine as well.

    Happy riddling!!

  6. Saw you came to visit me. Thought I'd drop in and say hello myself. Hopefully run into you soon. RMZ.

  7. Today is my daughter's 2nd birthday! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, I love you so dearly, happy birthday to you!!!

  8. Hey, how did you get a reputation? I don't understand how that whole thing works yet...

  9. Hey, I can not get my Avatar to change to something new. It'll take on the new shape of the pic I want to change it to, but does nothing else. Any ideas?

  10. So glad you like them. I aim to please. So sorry if you don't see them any more....

  11. You're the best PG!!!!!!

  12. Very weird... Still trying to figure everything out... And I always wonder why you stop by, but never say anything..hmmmm... I wonder what it is that interests you so...

  13. Like the new avatar! Very nice!

  14. Thanx for adding me as your friend,

    I shall be true until the end.

    If you will be a friend to me,

    My heart shall be filled

    With joy and glee

  15. Welcome to the Den, Scudo! Hope you like it here!The natives are friendly and the riddles intoxicating...

    Hopefully good times had by all!

  16. Welcome to the Den!!!

    Anxiously awating a riddle from you. I would like to see the kind of stuff you could come up with!

  17. Thanx for the compliment on my riddles. I'm still trying to find my groove... And thanx for being the first to officially welcome me to the den! See you around some more, I hope!

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