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  1. This is an absolute ace of a riddle.
  2. Nope. It's a physical object.
  3. Not gonna lie, I tried anagrams for famous wives of former US presidents for quite a bit.
  4. Universe? I want to somehow fit Adam and Eve into the answer, but alas I cannot.
  5. No, sir. The first three lines describe the most common version of the word. Each line thereafter describes a different definiton of the same word.
  6. Still no answer for this one.
  7. I ended up going too specific in my head with "strict country" and tried to work -iran (among others) into the answer. I'm looking forward to the next one!
  8. Dead forum (thought maybe I like better "Death Forum" [which kind of sounds like "death for him" {but now I'm just seeing how many clauses I can nest in brackets<four seems to be the final count>}]) We need to summon the power of Fabpig or PG for solving cryptos.
  9. I do not believe it is. I cannot make an obvious tie between Ah and the answer, anyway.
  10. You need to publish a book of riddles, sir.
  11. Historically, perhaps ancient or American Not historically, there's a stranger comparison. Bolder perhaps than electronic sibling; Required by dentists before any drilling. The common reaction to encountering ghouls, When we do things my way, we follow the rules.
  12. Let's see if I remember how to spoiler. [spoiler=Guessing]Ivy (IV)[/spoiler] Edit: I clearly do not remember.
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