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  1. Sounds good to me. But I saw that you sent me a PM, so I'll check that.

  2. @TC/Anon: A poet is a musician who can't sing. I'm sure curr3nt would agree here. =/

  3. Hey! Where've you been?

  4. Thanks for all the support, guys. I really appreciate it. =P

  5. Let it never be said about him that he gave up, that he broke down, that he died willingly.

  6. The difference between success and failure is usually how much you care.

  7. Wish in one hand and hope in the other. They may take longer to fill, but you'll be happier when they do. Who said dreams come true overnight?

  8. Our newest Braindenizen has arrived! Please welcome Nikolai Anakin!

  9. You will be gravely missed, Kim Jong-Il. Team America must now revisit communist Korea...

  10. Oh, why thank you!

    I knew I shouldn't have taken a break from the Den. =p

  11. Just got back from Dragon*Con!

  12. Think shanice tried to call that number? =P

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