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  1. Made it from #350 to the top 10 in less than a week. =P

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    2. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      That makes sense. The Blue Album was their best (and between going surfing and Jonas, he had to be on something).

      I miss Weezer...

    3. Auramyna


      Have you heard Rivers' solo album? Some of it is really, really good while other songs are meh.

      It must have been the blue album cos I met him at this little (free?) show in the basement of a record store (record store... it must have been a long time ago) in Adelaide and there could have only been about 30 people there. So it had to be before they got hugely popular. I met the whole band, it was cool.

      "The choo-choo train left right on time...." Yeah he ...

    4. Auramyna


      must have been on something.

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