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  1. Thanks! Figured I'd toot my own horn, so to speak.
  2. Drat, THIS is why I don't do html ... I always forget to close out something!! Oh well!
  3. d I don't call it "cheating"..........I call it research Ok, then I guess you need to do some more!
  4. They may have all been before 2000, PS to all -> I certainly allow "cheating" on this one, actually I should probably encourage it because I didn't know most of these things!
  5. I'm afraid not, but close in a way! Nope, not at all! While I certainly admit my source isn't infallible, I have different dates than you do.[spoiler= ](That's a clue!)
  6. According to Gregory, I'm 177 this year. In my time, the Pied Piper performed his deed, (I'm certain John and Paul wept) Richard III was crowned, and the UN was formed. How can this be? Tell me please!
  7. Thanks! Took me long enough!!! (and several pounds of help!) As always PG, annoyingly great time was had! Give us around a week to recover & we'll be ready to play again! Happy Tuesday everyone!
  8. tiger_lily111

    No worries, nit-picking definitely allowed! Although we all occasionally get frustrated by it, the *true* answer is worth waiting for!
  9. Drat it, *knew* I missed one!
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