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  1. Appease the Ancient Gods

  2. I'm not a renegade pilot

  3. Tough Riddle?

  4. One Up Me

    When I checked my tires, there was no air in my spare - time I did something about that ... Oops, too late, DH ran over something. New tires it is. (This happened 2 weeks ago.)
  5. Tough Riddle?

  6. One Up Me

    Fine, I'll call it. - MiKi's up next.
  7. Impartial

    Pay the price And you become What you eat As you proceed
  8. Hi, Everyone!

    Hi Brainiac & welcome to the Den! If these younglings haven't scared you off yet, you should do just fine here. If they did scare you off, come back anyway, they're really quite harmless (except in mafia - they will virtually shank you) & there are other games & mind games to play. *quickly pulls flamebird in front of her to shield against MiKi's taser* (Sorry flamebird, you'll be gone anyway.) Hope you enjoy - lots of interesting characters around here, whether you like gaming, logic problems, debates, riddles, etc.
  9. Impartial

  10. Impartial

  11. Impartial

    Yes, indeed.
  12. Impartial

    I don't know if that's a real thing either ... So I'm looking for something different.
  13. Impartial

    Tasty one, TL... Sorry amigos, none of those.
  14. I heart farmer's market season!

  15. Habitual Riddle

  16. Miss me? :p

    Oh younglings, you make me smile. Welcome back Panther & all the rest of you hooligans.
  17. Marrying off the youngest sibling - With 4 daughters, my dad's thrilled to reach the end!

  18. Dance with Me

    Come, dance with me, now Child of two nations evolved Combination, styles confused Resulting in many songs Some know me by a gesture Though more formal as I am Wearing well about your shape One last clue, I end with this- A game of balls and cups is Not my name.
  19. Three Linked Riddles

  20. Dance with Me

  21. Dance with Me

    Good to have you back fabby! That is, indeed, the answer I'm looking for.
  22. Dance with Me

    A good thought, but no. Though genre (in general) is part of the right track, it probably won't get you to the answer. And definitely a different game.
  23. Dance with Me

    Too pacific ...
  24. Dance with Me

    Too itsy bitsy (or teeny weenie). You were closer with the other 2.
  25. Favorite books?

    I doubt I could narrow it down to 1 favorite. Instead I have favorite authors because I like most of what they've written - whether for entertainment value, good storytelling ability, etc. And many books I enjoy but that wouldn't be "favorites". Favorite genres are generally sci-fi & fantasy, though more fantasy & its sub-genres. Joined Goodreads a while back & consequently have many more books/authors on my "to be read" list.