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    Whoopsie! I somehow missed acknowledging Chicory's 1st post, which had 3,5,13 correct.
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    From several places & many years. Note that in some cases, words in the real answer are homonyms of the clue (sound out the words to find the answer for those), and in some others it's a description of the word. Most are just riddle-y. Hope you enjoy! 1. Draft through Weepy Foliage 2. Sleeping Horror Prior to Yule 3. Absence of Light Cooking Vessel 4. Speedy Flier's Male Offspring Encounter Michigan City's Rocks 5. Disrespectful Removed Ruddy-Beaked Bridle Mounted Hunting Trophy 6. Frozen Water Light of All Colors plus Lucky Numbered Little People 7. Blue Characters Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Champagne Glass 8. Wilderness Reserve 9. Rear Appendage of Clever Mammal 10.Triune Spanish Gentlemen 11.Forceful Not Rat in Wonderful Range Hunt 12.Cutter Caught by Quarry's Prize 13.Ballad of a Pole 14.Sneak Return to Habitation 15.Peanut Butter Brand 16.Irritate's Existence 17.Averse Imaginary Reptile 18.Ground Prior to Era 19.Liberators Below (Below) 20.Somnolent Good Looks
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    I'll admit I used the Wikipedia Animated Movies list, but I had at least heard of all these movies before, though I haven't seen them all.
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    Yea! Props to everybody, all solved! I had fun, hope you did too. Here's who got what: (spaces between different posts) Lotus: 2,6,16,18, 19,20 Wood: 1,15 Hugemonkey: 3,5,13, 7,9, 12, 8 Chicory: 18 Chess Vixen: 1-7,10,11,13-20
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    Yes indeedy! 1 &15 down.
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    Right again on 19 & 20!
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    Binding Resolution

    Yup, I finally noticed that when I looked at it again, but far too late! Great fun!!
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    If I were wearing it, yes!
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    Correct on 2, 6, 16, & 18. Glad you like!
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    Woot! Wouldn't have gotten it without Shaka though.
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    Hmm But I can't quite find what fits all of them.
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    Binding Resolution

    had the best answer... Aw, thanks! I'm still thinking ...
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    Binding Resolution

    & it's still fun guessing!
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    Binding Resolution

    Did you purposefully use
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    Binding Resolution

    Thanks! I tried to think a little further outside the box Other than that, I'm with Lotus ... (posts #20 & 23)
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    I wasn't sure about the 1st because that's how I'd play them in school. Slight dyslexia is problematic for those things!!