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  1. 2000 posts. What do I win? What do I win?

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    3. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      I have to remember to turn notifications off.

      @GM: I had nothing to do with this.

  2. Can I just make my Facebook status updates appear here?

  3. thanks peace...doing that now

  4. Mafia Mafia Mafia Maniac (see website url)

  5. Happy Birthday Framm

  6. Happy Holidays Slick. Care to join 1984 Mafia or talk to a few of your friends?

  7. Okay rookie I have deemed my thread a success. My thread currently has a solid sign up list of Mafia's to come and it is being used for discussion about ideas that people have. I'm hoping you can pin in and then put in a post of why it is up here and what it is to be used for. Thanks a lot. If there are any questions or concerns before doing this please feel free to PM me back.

  8. andromeda i need u and GC back for HSM2. Where have u been?

  9. Just go on unreality's Newbies' Guide to Mafia in the Games section and skim through it, then sign up for the Brush Up Mafia thread. We are looking for new people to try the game

  10. Hey EDM, love your riddles. Would you be interested in joining a mafia game?

  11. Hey dyaldragon. You seem to be doing really well with these riddles. You know if you want a real test at dissecting language, go to the games section and sign up for the Brush Up Mafia game

  12. Hey rookie, we are nearing the 10,000 thread mark. Anything special you have planned?

  13. Hey GC, I know you are away for a while, but please consider making your comeback to Mafia in early to mid Septemeber when High School Mafia 2 comes back. It would make andromeda sad if she didn't get to play it with you?

  14. ok thanks for letting me know :)

  15. GC, u wanna be a replacement for Murder Club Mafia? Also ur inbox is full

  16. It wasn't full before, and now it's completely empty. Yours was full too

  17. alto sax, but I can play Tenor and Baritone as well

  18. Yes i do play saxophone. I also sing and golf.

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