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  1. Ah...see, I read #4 to mean "is six letters long" not "contains six DISTINCT letters". Because, really, even if a letter repeats itself, it's still a letter...so only 6-letter words can "contain 6 letters". Either way...Good catch, ShadowAngel7...nice interpretation.
  2. This is actually a duplicate puzzle as the one I posted a long while ago on these forums: The only difference is the perimeter would obviously be twice the "SUM" in the problem I posted...but just divide by 2, and it's the same logic to figure out...I love this puzzle...
  3. Quick question: when you say "equal (or better than equal) percentage"...from whose perspective are we talking?
  4. Just validated my above answer with a simple program...in case you're curious, here's the source:
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