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  1. Whats round on the ends and high in the middle?

    any true buckeye would know this!

    O-H!!! I-O!!!!

    (that would be OHIO (round on the ends = "O", high in the middle = "HI")...I'm from Columbus, so I would be shunned from my city if I didn't know this one :) )

  2. "How much does this bag of potatoes weigh?" asked the customer.

    "32 pounds divided by half its own weight" said the store manager.

    So how much did the bag of potatoes weigh?

    x = 32 / (x/2)

    x = 64 / x

    x2 = 64

    x = 8 (or -8...but obviously the potatoes don't weight negative weight...:c) )

  3. ^_^ rearranage the letters in each pair of words to make the name of a musical instrument.

    1. taste can

    2. lemon ode

    3. bent room

    4. rival gin

    5. near gilt

    6. liar cent

    1. Castenet

    3. trombone

    5. triangle

    6. clarinet

    do I dare assume that answers 2-6 are the same as the answers to your fish anagrams??

  4. I like your answer - very smart but I'm going to modify:

    remove the bottom left lateral stick to form a nine 9 and then remove the top right lateral stick to form a six 6

    nine 9 is a perfect square of 3 and six 6 is a perfect square of 2

    _ _



    Either my math is really off (and has been for a while) or 6 is not a perfect square of 2...

  5. Geothermal is correct. Bioenergy is the right direction - be more specific.

    not sure how specific you're looking...Biofuels? Biodiesel? Biomass? Basically just fuel that is generated from living, or recently living (typically photosynthetic plants), biological material..

  6. EDIT:

    So far we have;

    The diamond's brother,

    A stony flower,

    The first likes pyramids,

    The next prefers planes and grids. - COAL (SvenJOLLY)

    Another flower,

    Destroyer, grower,

    You find the largest of us in Africa,

    And many more on this terra. - RIVERS/HYDROELECTRICITY (SvenJOLLY)

    A child of Gaia,

    Starts at the heart,

    A mantle as the messiah,

    A cycle to hit the chart.

    Became rich, by and large,

    From a humble quarry,

    Married with no charge,

    Started a vicious circle with great fury,

    Lined up on the ray table,

    With a '92 and '94 label. - URANIUM/PLUTONIUM - NUCLEAR (SvenJOLLY)

    The focusing lenses,

    For the eye of heaven,

    With mirror in lattices,

    To empower the metropolitan. - SOLAR (chidoric)

    Unseen to the eye,

    Yet farmed where we fly,

    The higher the farms lie,

    The greater the supply. - WIND (SvenJOLLY)

    A vestige of the past,

    By lizards, by and large,

    Through millenia they had amassed,

    A bore to their discharge,

    It obsoletes the mast,

    Can we live with its increasing charge? - FOSSIL FUEL (SvenJOLLY)

    A mother's heirloom,

    Sugar they consume,

    They move the negative,

    To make you active.

    Theme: Energy/electricity generators. - SvenJOLLY

    Coal yes. Hydroelectric plants yes. Nuclear yes. Solar yes. Wind yes. Fossil fuels yes. No to batteries and electricity. Wow. This is getting solved pretty fast.

    Geothermal energy for child of gaia and possibly bioenergy for the last one?

  7. After studying brickmaking, Johnny wondered whether he could

    make a stack of building blocks that leaned in such a way that

    the top block, when viewed directly from above, would not

    overlap the bottom block at all.

    What's your guess?

    If you think it's possible, how many blocks would it take?

    Of course, glue is not permitted. B))

    I would argue that this configuration would satisfy the OP (pretend that these are all equal sized bricks)...except there are 2 top bricks...not just one.

    As a result, with this configuration, it takes 4...post-13141-1238691381.png

    OOps, didn't realize that they needed to be cubes...n/m :c)

  8. Ya, you're right about that, which is why we needed a solution to guarantee a win in the least number of moves. So even using my method you could win after the first move if you're really lucky, but since the question wants a guaranteed win, we have to assume the worst possible scenario after each move.

    Ah, well played...I agree with this...I can't think of how to guarantee it in less moves...nicely done

  9. Imagine a small square table with an area of about 1x1 meters. The table is resting on 1 cylindrical foot attached to the floor. This allows the table to be turned clockwise or counter-clockwise freely.

    The table has 4 pockets, one in each corner, like the pockets in a pool table except there are only 4, and they are larger. Each pocket has enough room to fit a small glass in it and still leave room for a hand to reach in and turn the glass around.

    In each pocket there is a small glass turned either the normal way, or upside down. These are the only 2 states the glasses are allowed to be in.

    You are about to play a game of "Align the glasses". The simple objective is to make sure that all 4 glasses in the corner pockets are turning the same way (either all turned normally - or all turned upside-down).

    You are blindfolded by the table master. He sets a random initial position of the glasses. Then he spins the table for a random number of 1/4th turns in a random direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise). Afterwards he tells you to adjust 2 glasses. You put your hands in 2 pockets - either side-by-side or diagonally, feel the glasses, and set the position of each glass to either of the 2 legal states (up or down) - or you leave either or both as they are. The choice is yours.

    After setting the 2 glasses of your choice, the table master takes control of the table again.

    If all 4 glasses are turned the same way (either all up or all down) he will tell you immediately and you win the game. Otherwise he spins the table randomly again, and you get another turn of feeling/adjusting the position of 2 glasses.

    This continues indefinately - or until you win the game.

    Now - it is fairly obvious that you have a chance at winning the game just by going on and on until you win. However, the question for you to answer is this:

    Is it possible given these rules to guarantee a victory in a certain number of turns? And if so, how many turns?

    First of all, I would say, "no" there is no way you can guarantee a victory in a certain number of turns...

    Here's why:

    You can assure that 3 of the 4 are all the same direction after only 2 table turns:

    First turn, just feel any two glasses that are next to each other...make them the same (both up or both down)...

    Second turn, feel any two glasses that are diagonal from each other...make them the same as what you chose in the first turn (one of the glasses is from your first turn)...

    The third turn is the problem. Since the table is spun RANDOMLY, there is a chance that the configuration will always end up the same (but it may not)...so you can't just pick any two next to each other to find the last glass to turn the correct direction...you also can't just pick any two diagonal because you may get the same two diagonal that you've already done...

    I will say that the odds are VERY VERY slim that it would take more than 4 or 5 turns, but it's definitely possible, and so as a result, I can't guarantee it...

    HAHA...AI beat me to the EXACT same solution (if you read both of ours, they are almost identical)...nice...

  10. I'm an enemy to homework,

    I begin with quiet,

    I end with a sovereign,

    There is aggravation within me,

    I'll satisfy you now,

    But never later.


    Enemy to homework - means to avoid or neglect

    begin with quite - "SH"

    end with sovereign - "KING"

    Aggravation in me - "IRK"

  11. I think I got it
    gengis khan?
    i can explain if you want

    DING DING DING!! we have a winner! Well done!!!

    Genghis Khan

    I'm sure you've heard

    No one's greater than me

    I'm the best there has been

    In the whole of history -Ruler/founder of the largest empire in history

    Ironworker by name -Genghis Khan's birth name was Tem├╝jin which means "Iron worker"

    and work it I did. -He used iron/steel/whatever with swords and armor in his conquest

    I used it for my glory -It increased his glory

    and from me, many hid. -Although he was considered a great ruler, he obviously struck fear into the people he conquered

    I see millions of commuters

    to and from many lands. -Mongolia's international airport is named after him

    My face can be seen -the eye

    in million's of hands. -His face is on many of Mongolia's currency

    No one knows

    where I am right now -He was buried in an unknown location and hasn't been found yet

    Solve this riddle

    and to you I will bow

    my father was poisoned -His father was poisoned when he was young

    my wife was taken -His arranged wife was taken from him (however, he ended up taking her back)

    But still I amassed

    an army unshaken -He created a huge empire and army

    my true name you mayn't know

    but my title you should -Genghis Khan is actually a title that was given to him, not his actual name (Khan means ruler)

    with these added clues

    solve this, you could

  12. another epiphany!!!! (but i think it's not right)

    maybe the all seeing eye? (on the top of the pyramid in $ bills)

    I'm sure you've heard

    No one's greater than me -it's all seeing

    I'm the best there has been

    In the whole of history

    Ironworker by name

    and work it I did.

    I used it for my glory

    and from me, many hid. -it's all seeing, but ppl hid, i guess

    I see millions of commuters -can see lots of stuff

    to and from many lands.

    My face can be seen -the eye

    in million's of hands. -lots of ppl have $

    No one knows

    where I am right now -it doesn't actually see all

    Solve this riddle

    and to you I will bow

    my father was poisoned

    my wife was taken

    But still I amassed -these are probably about the person the eye belonged to

    an army unshaken

    my true name you mayn't know -it's not it's 'name'

    but my title you should -the all seeing eye is a title

    with these added clues

    solve this, you could -these added lines gave me that idea! (maybe it's actually the person the eye is supposed to belong to(but i dont know who that is))

    Alas, that is incorrect...let's review what we know:

    Eisenhower was probably the closest guess because of many of the reasonings. It is an actual historical figure...not an image/thought/concept/etc... It is someone that is on currency... and it doesn't necessarily have to be American currency. It has nothing to do with the Underground Railroad. It is not Abe Lincoln, Jesus, George Washington, God, Chuck Norris, Joseph Smith Jr., Benjamin Franklin, George Stephenson, Julius Caesar, Hitler, Eisenhower, President Johnson, President Jackson, or Edmond Haley

  13. 1. Reversed directions, inverted colors, I'm confused.

    2. Captivate you by fright, optimism escapes.

    3. Labor is unpleasant.

    4. Adversaries combine to relieve the past of its possessions.

    5. I can never recall not dreaming of being a nefarious criminal.

    6. Any wall will be ascended.

    3: Office Space

    Original Tagline: Work Sucks

  14. the sun? or Haley's commet?

    Nope, one of my earlier responses said that it was a person (and it's not Edmond Haley either :D )

    does he have anything to do with the underground railroad?

    or is it someone responcible for the railroad going through?

    No, it does not...

    Abe Lincoln

    Nope, someone guessed him earlier...not correct

    someone who has his picture on money...maybe

    Yes, yes it is...

    OK, now that it is officially a "hot topic"...I'll give a small hint:

    The Eisenhower guess has been the closest in that a lot of what was stated in the reasoning fits this person as well...however, I never said it was an American...


    my father was poisoned

    my wife was taken

    But still I amassed

    an army unshaken

    my true name you mayn't know

    but my title you should

    with these added clues

    solve this, you could

  15. you have to have more than 64 moves to cover the entire board, no? I did a search on Google for a Virtual Chessboard that marks the spots that the Knight moves, and here's what I found:


    I did it in 71 moves, but I misclicked, and this was my first time doing it. The answer lies between 64 and 71.

    I agree that if the OP states that the knight has to LAND on each of the squares, then the answer is between 64 and 71...and that's what I originally thought the OP stated. However, after reading the other posts, and re-reading the OP, I think it may just mean that the knight has to travel over each of the squares...

    If that is the case, on my first try I covered the entire board in 25 moves...so I think it can probably be done in less, but I have that so far.

  16. i hope u don't think i'm shouting out random answers, but...

    pres. Jackson/Johnson. (which one proposed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, i'm not sure)

    That would be Johnson...and no, and no :D I'll add another stanza or two soon...but I'm going to let this keep going a bit longer :c)

  17. Eisenhower. Means "Iron Cutter", is on the face of some American money, is probably the name of an airport somewhere. I'm sure someone says he was the best (especially in WWII). As an avid golfer, he used irons a lot. I don't get the "nobody knows where he is"...

    I actually like your answer. But you are correct in that that doesn't meet all the criteria...as a result, it is not the correct answer. Well thought out answer, though...

  18. Take a common six-letter word and find at least a dozen 5-letter words by rearranging its letters.

    A bonanova gold star to the first to find a Baker's dozen.

    Your choice of six-letter words to start with. ;)


    6 letter word: SPEARS














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