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  1. You're right!

    What I want to know is HTH you got that.

    I can get the same answer as varnejm, using this formula:

    f(n) = 1 if n has 2 distinct prime factors, one of which is a 2 or n = 1

    f(n) = 2 if n is a power of 2

    f(n) = n if n is prime

    f(n) = largest prime factor of n for all other cases

    However, the only number that doesn't seem to work with that is n=12..because the factorization of 12 is 2, 2, 3...which has 2 distinct prime factors, one of which is a 2...so, I would think that it would be "1"...but the sequence says it is "3"...so I think I'm missing something...but that's what I have so far.

  2. Lol I realized that the Roulette Wheel riddle I just posted must have been to easy so here's another:

    Inscribe an M above a line,

    Then write an E below.

    The flower you seek is hung so fine,

    It sways when breezes blow.


  3. Not the answer intended, but he could be right if he speficified that they were locks that only stayed unlocked while the key was in. They do exist (and are quite common if you look at things like auto ignitions)

    Very true if the lock is designed to remain open after it is removed. I was thinking of the type of lock such as my fire safe, which will not allow the key to be removed when it is open. Nothing in the puzzle states the design requirements of the lock.

    Very true...I had forgotten about them (and my fire safe is also like that). Since the OP didn't suggest the type of lock, I agree, this is a good answer

  4. I didn't look at the spoiler in the original post. My solution is 7 locks and 13 keys. All keys are identical. Each pirate gets one key. A majority vote of 7 or more in favor of opening the chest will allow it to be opened.

    If all of the keys were identical...then assuming that the locks behave like most locks I know and most locks I've seen in the movies on pirate chests, then any one man could just take his key and go unlock all 7 of the locks whenever he wanted. they don't have to unlocked simultaneously...

  5. This one has been posted before here

    There were other men on the boat as well, and they lit them for the 3 men.


    They threw one cigarette over board...which made the boat a cigarette lighter, and then used that to light the other two...(play on words)

  6. I'm not sure if this is a riddle, or just an anti-drug statement..

    Is there something deeper than the obvious...

    drug dealer?

    I mit I'm slow, it's early and I haven't had any coffee...

    Knowing Shakee's other riddles...this probably really has nothing to do with that, and is not just an anti-drug statement...there is probably a lot of hidden metaphors, double meanings, etc...I'm stumped right now...but still working on it...nice riddle...

  7. Same letters, different order... I'm not a country fan.

    Love It

    But now that I reread it, Wafflechip's does make it in the correct order. Geese, Bedframe, Cave, Leg, Table, Tea.

    In a bar...specifically one called Coyote Ugly...It's a girl....named Violet

  8. It could maybe someday, but its pretty much how the sun is always at its highest point around noon. The moon should be at it's highest point around midnight.

    Only a FULL moon would be at its highest around midnight...the moon definitely could rise at midnight during its waxing and waning phases....it completely depends on location and phase of the moon

    for example, in just about 5 days, here in columbus, OH, the moon will be rising at 12:34 AM

    Here's a link that you can check out:


    so I would say there is nothing wrong with the story...

  9. An uplifting cheer preceded the three legged table that toppled away from two legs walking to the cave. A waveform in a very narrow window completes the answer.

    What color is my son's teddy bear?

    well, I gave it a 5 star...I'm a big fan so far...

    Ok...so the three legged table that toppled is "E"...a waveform might be S...trying to figure out the uplifting cheer and the two legs walking (this could be R, W, K, N, X) to the cave (possibly O). Also trying to figure out the very narrow window (thought it could be ISI or IST or something like that)

  10. U = YOU

    R = ARE

    Y Y = TOO WISE...

    So, "U R Y Y, Y Y R U. U R Y Y for me!" translates to "YOU ARE TOO WISE, TOO WISE YOU ARE. YOU ARE TOO WISE FOR ME!"

    That's all there is to it...


  11. Well, I guess I'm not too wise,
    while I do understand from Pickett's answer that 2 Y's = too wise, I still don't get the full sentence. So could one of you please spoil it completely?

    U = YOU

    R = ARE

    Y Y = TOO WISE...

    So, "U R Y Y, Y Y R U. U R Y Y for me!" translates to "YOU ARE TOO WISE, TOO WISE YOU ARE. YOU ARE TOO WISE FOR ME!"

    That's all there is to it...

  12. trapped3.gif

    This has to do with the PIGPEN cipher...and the code is "SI"...so we have "Bonjour" (french). Well, "SI" is short for the french "Le Système International d'Unités"...which is the metric system.

    Spoiler for Clue 1:

    A = a

    B = c

    C = k

    D = k

    E = m

    F = m

    G = s

    Clue 1: A

    I see this just being a substitution to A=a...

    Clue 2: E-1D-1G3A2

    Ok...so, here we get a little interesting...my first thought was to simply make it a fraction GGGAA/ED...which then substituting gives a2s3/km...I'll admit, my physics is a little rusty, so I don't know if that's a unit of measure for something...but read on...

    Clue 3: C + 273

    C + 273 is the conversion from Celcius to Kelvin...however, after substituting, we get k + 273...not sure about this...(if it were k - 273, we'd have the kelvin - celcius conversion)

    Clue 4: Final E2G-2

    Again, substitution: "Final m2/s2" which is close to the unit of measure for energy (kg m2/s2)...but not sure what else...

    Clue 5: EDG-2

    Finally substituting this, we get km/s2 which is acceleration...

    So, not completely sure what these mean, but I feel like these have to be going in the right direction...

  13. it says you have potential :lol:

    Just FYI, the clues weren't what gave it away for me...the cheese, unit of measure, and molasses were what got me thinking of it...I actually didn't know how a lot of the rest related...thank you for the explanation...great riddle!

  14. hogshead?

    I’m a unit of measure -look it up, it is...

    I’m used at sea,

    I’m used on land,

    Dory can hold 60 -not exactly sure about all of these, but it could make sense

    It is squeezed before it is measured,

    It’s can be a thick sweet treat to measure, -used to be used to measure molasses in louisiana

    Or it can be measured and smoked afterwards, -used to store tobacco (1 hogshead is about 1000 pounds of tobacco)

    I’m also cheese -hogshead cheese

    What am I?

  15. Rearrange the letters in the name to find the job of the individual.

    1. Colin Meap

    2. Ian Elctrice

    3. Sid Shearrer

    4. Ben Kar

    5. Reg Snide

    6. Joan Lustir

    7. Ken Drurate

    8. Mel Nassa

    9. Fred Augil

    10. Ann Coucatt

    1. Colin Meap -Policeman

    2. Ian Elctrice -Electrician

    3. Sid Shearrer -Hairdresser

    4. Ben Kar -Banker

    5. Reg Snide -Designer

    6. Joan Lustir -Journalist

    7. Ken Drurate -Undertaker

    8. Mel Nassa -Salesman

    9. Fred Augil -Lifeguard

    10. Ann Coucatt -Accountant

    Bah...scsw beat me to it by 3 mins...nice

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