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  1. My letters are in order, but that’s not very fun

    So half were put in answer two and half in answer one

    I’m something rather powerful strewn wildly about

    And though you cannot hear me, you’ll never tune me out

    that means it begins or ends with it right? no anagrams? im terrible at anagrams..

    But it doesn't mean that it's every letter. Maybe some are skipped. Or perhaps they are in alphabetical order. And what's killing me, is that I want to just say


    but I can't make that work at all.

  2. You saw a T-shirt which costs $97. You don't have any money, so you borrowed from your parents $50 each. Your parents agreed and you make sure that you'll pay as soon as you have the money. So now you have $100. You bought the T-shirt for $97 and you have $3 as exchange. You paid your parents $1 each so your credit to them will be deducted by $1. Therefore it will be $49 each. And you still have $1.

    $49(your credit to your father) + $49(to your mother)= $98 + $1(the one left to you)= $99

    Where's the $1 to get $100?

    Yeah, that calculation is bass-ackwards. <_<

  3. Well, to debate this paradox you have to cagetorize the factors or variables that you use to support the reasons whereby your opinion is justified. Example: religion is an absolute in the eye and heart of the practicer and is not collective; destiny is a constant. Like an equation, what really matters is how those constants are affected on each side of the 'equals' sign. Take Einstein's equation E=mc^2; if that equation didn't have the constant c than it would be irrelevant, but since we know that light travels at a constant speed, we can justify the validity of the equation. Energy and mass though are variables which affect the constant of light. Destiny is constant, in all reality choices we make are already made for us; it's just a matter of picking the already made choice. When you go to buy a car, there are a definite number of colors available, so the decision has already been made for you that you are going to pick one of the colors, it's just a matter of picking one of those already made choices (or colors). The choice you made before you left for the car dealer was the constant: you decided that you were going to leave with a new car. Anyone familiar with math would sort of see that this topic overlaps into statistics and variable change. I can't explain all the jot and tiddles of the math because I haven't studied it completely, but for sake of argument just consider this: 2+x=4. The average person would assume the obvious, which is nonetheless correct, that x=2. 2 isn't constant the 4 is. There are several ways to acquire four: 2+(1+1)=4; 2+(root 4)=4; and to get crazy we can say 2+((1/4xroot 4) times 2)=4. All of those are correct. So personifying that translates as follows: in the equation 2+x=4, it is x's destiny to be added to 2 to equal 5. The path it takes to get there is the choice.

    If that makes sense to anyone, please let me know; the majority of people I try to explain that to say that I'm wrong just because they're afraid to understand that choices are made for them, it's just the paths taken to accept those choices are what affect your destiny.

    Yes, that makes sense. It's like the guy who was prophesied to be killed by his son, so he has all his sons put to death, but one escapes death, grows up not knowing his father, and winds up killing him because of it. Destiny & free will are not mutually exclusive. That upsets people.

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  4. IMO, this "paradox" is easily explained. The man that thinks this, is still being controlled by destiny. The thing is, him even THINKING this is destiny (or future, if you will). If he chooses that going to the doctor will solve his problem, because destiny isn't possible, then that was his destiny all along. It is not as simple as anything that can be told to you, as such palm readers, fortune tellers, etc. can't be real. This fact doesn't change the reality that destiny is what's going to happen, clear and simple. Nothing can change something as basic, and inalianable as destiny, because attempting to change it basically IS one's destiny, if they so choose to go that route.

    Thank you!! I could never understand why that concept seems so difficult for some people to understand.

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